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Easy way to earn money online by playing web games

 If you love to make money online you have been in the right place to make some money online without any investment. In this blog online jobs in Nepal I have been sharing different blog posts on making online income through different methods. You can make money by working yourself with different Paid to Click sites, you also can make nice income by earning bitcoins. The price of Bitcoin is soaring these days, if you start earning bitcoins you will be making your time productive as the returns you get from bitcoin is attractive. Apart from it you can make money from your mobile as well.

Make money playing online games

Today, I will show you how money can be made by playing online web based games which requires some strategy as well. The more time you give the more money you will be making as well without investment. I am presenting you the sites where you can make money online just by playing games.

1.      Golden Mines

After you register yourself in this site you have to go to the section "Hire gnomes", where you make necessary buyings, carry mined ore to the storehouse, process it – get gold coins.

You will get everyday bonus will allow you to collect some gold coins to hire gnomes. You can claim this daily bonus in the “Daily Bonus”section at the left side of the page.


In this site Golden mines, Gnomes play the vital role in earning money for you. They are the ones who helps you earn gold coins which you can withdraw in your Payeer account.

Every gnome mines ore which can be processed and swap for real money. Every type of gnomes has an individual character and mines different amount of ore; the more expensive the gnome is, the more hard working he is. You can hire unlimited amount of gnomes, the magical gnomes don’t get tired and will mine 24 hours per day!

Important !!!!

After the Gnomes mines ore, click one the store of ore link which you will find in the left side of the site. Then the total units of ore mined by the Gnomes are shown and at the bottom of the list you will find a link “ Take to the storehouse” click and take it to store house for processing.

After you click the link , look at the left side of the site where you will find the section “ore processing” after you have clicked it your mined ores will be processed and in return you will be given gold coins. 70% is deposited for buying and 30% is deposited in your withdrawal.


You can withdraw your gold coins which is deposited in your withdrawal section in your payeer processor account. If you don’t have Payeer account sign up today here

So, its very simple and doesn't consume most of your time. In short time you can make money online by playing games online in your mobile or computer.


If you are looking different ways to make some money online in your free time, you have come to the right place friends. explore different methods in this blog online jobs in nepal and select the best way to earn online.

Happy Earning Friends.

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  1. hello admin,
    Nice post. Can we earn money easily by blooging?


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