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Make money with Uento from your Mobile phone

Where does your Mobile phone lie most of the time? If remains in your hands most of the time, you might be busy yourself in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. If you aren’t  busy in social media sites then you must be a hardcore gamer, who is busy playing games in your mobile. Online social gameslike cash of clans, clash Royale and so on. If its not that then you must be online money earner making some money online.

Making money online from your mobile phones is not a old concept, It has been quite a time that making money through phones has become possible. Today I am introducing you Uento from which you can make money from your mobile phones.

What is Uento app??

Uento app is the best way to find new amazing apps every day for free while you get paid for it. Every time  you download an app from offers , you will get points that can be used later to redeem prizes like cash, coupons or free phone recharge. You can also get points by just visiting the app every day , playing the money maker  game, referring and using other partner offers.

How to Make money with Uento  app?

a     a.)    First of all go to the play store of your android mobile phones and search for Uento app and download it in your mobile phone. If you can’t find the app, Download it straight from Uento webiste here.

After installing the app register your account there.
b    b.)    Login in daily in Uento app and gather the daily bonus you receive for logging daily
Day 1 – 0.38 points
Day 2 – 0.58 points
Day 3 – 0.78 points
Day 4 – 1.28 points
Day 5 – 3.28 points
(The daily bonus points can vary according to the app )

Play different games on the games center, play the money maker game, scratcher game, spins game, Lottery tickets and more. You can win over $1k in daily prizes. The availability of the game varies according to your Uento app level. You will have access to different games with increase in your level.

NOTE: If you have query of how to increase your level??

Download more apps from Uento app’s offer section.  As you install more apps you get more points and your level will be increased.

Why you need to download Uento ??

It has the high payout games which you can play and get paid, Similarly you will  find better deals along with unlimited bonus points. You will receive quick payments in form of gift cards, cash cupons or mobile recharge.

Get 20 points for free while registering as Bonus

At the time of registering  enter the codeOifZrN ” in the Referral code and you will get 20 uento points as a registration bonus.

How to get your Rewards?

All the points you have earned can be converted into Rewards. You can cash the earned points into your Paypal account or convert into Amazon gift card or Facebook gift card. You can also Redeem your hard earned points into Prepaid Virtual visa card. Apart from it you can recharge your mobile number with the points you have earned in the rewards section.

Input Referral code “ OifZrN ” to get 20 points bonus

How do you like the post frens, Please feel free to leave your suggestions, comments in the comment box below.

Happy Earning Friends.

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