Earn money playing games from crypto soul

A lot of people play games in their mobile, PCs. But the big question is " How many of them pay you?". The answer is none of them . Now you can earn crypto soul and exchange the souls in crypto exchanges and convert into fiat money in any currency you want to withdraw. Crypto Soul can be traded in different exchanges like mercatox 

The trend of using crypto currency in gaming sector is new. But this definitely get popular with time as we all feel motivated if we get some reward in return when we are playing the games. Crypto Soul are ethereum based token which can be Gameable, Useable and Burnable. 50% of the tokens used are burned

So, why is the souls burned??
They burn 50% of tokens spent inside the game, which causes a deficiency of currency which leads to the demand of souls ultimately raising the prices.

So, how will Sou work??

The growing popularity of the game and the burning of Souls will play crucial role in the establishment of crypto Souls tokens creating shortage of Crypto Souls.


How to get free crypto soul tokens from Merge Cats game??

Merge Cats application is a free crypto app with ERC20 tokens integration

The goal of the entire project is to enable the users not only to have a good time, but also to receive cryptocurrencies for it, in the form of the best cryptocurrency that we created specifically for our financial apps.

The principle of the app is extremely simple, you need to collect cats, improve cats, enjoy the sight and earn cryptocurrency on this

Soul Token
Especially for use in apps, Crypto Souls created their own cryptocurrency. This is an ERC20 type token on the basis of Ethereum. Total number of token - 500 million. It is traded on exchanges, They burn half of the token used in the app and will integrate it in subsequent projects, which ensures its demand and, accordingly, the growth in value.

How to withdraw SOUL?

1.) First Create ERC-20 wallet and "enter it" on the withdrawal page

Warning!!! Not all wallets support SOUL token

2.) Go to the withdrawal page, enter the desired amount of SOUL and click "Withdraw". Withdrawal can take up to 48 hours.

Recommended wallets which SOUL Tokens

- Atomic Wallet
- TrustWallet
- MetaMask
- Eidoo
- MyEtherWallet
- ImToken
- Trustee

Wallets that Don't support SOUL

Exchange Wallets

How can you get free SOUL tokens??

In order to receive free tokens you need only 15 minutes of free time. To do this, you need

After you download the app, You need to complete 15 achievements and pick up the award in the "Special Offer" column (In order to pick up a reward you need to register)

Get yours for it, 550 SOUL.

And if you like it - continue to use app and earn cryptocurrency.

To get more SOUL you need to register and complete tasks in your account.

Tasks for which you can get a free cryptocurrency:

Share the app in social networks;
Invite friends;

Pass verification.
30 minutes of your time can bring you 1050+ SOUL.

The most effective way to get more SOUL Token is to acquire membership

Just click and earn free cryptocurrency playing simple game in your mobile.

Warning!!! Not all wallets support SOUL token. So be sure before you withdraw your SOULs.

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