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When it comes to online jobs that could be done staying at home, pay per click is one of the best method of earning at home. All you have got to do is check your account and click the ads provided to you. With each click you earn money. This sort of online job does not require much effort and you don’t need to have advance level of knowledge in internet.

This programme is suitable to those people who are seeking to earn online but wondering how he would be able to do so. Clixsenseincorporation has designed this platform to those people. Suppose you have a parent who is familiar with the internet and wants to make some money on internet. All you have got to do is teach him/her just to click on the ads and follow the procedure to be awarded with points. In such way your family member could spend his/her time online making some money sideways. This is the basic concept of this clixsense programme.

Whenever you click ad of an advertisers you are paid for it. But it’s not what clixsense is for. It has some advanced programmes offered where a registered user can make extra income from clixsense, apart from clicking the ads only. The money from each click ranges from $0.001 to $0.002.
You can also make extra money apart from clicking ads. It is somewhat advanced method where you can participate in the affiliate programme of clixsense where you can persuade your neighbors, friends to join the program and earn money for the direct referral you have made. After your direct referral starts to earn money clicking ads you will be paid if your referral makes another referral if you have upgraded to a premium account.

when you upgrade your standard account to a premium one you are provided with additional benefits and previliges. For detailed information of the accounts you can visit the FAQs of Clixsense.
Earn online by clicking ads - clixsense

But you will surely earn a reasonable amount with your passive activities. Not only you will be earning for your activities but also that of your direct referral. Apart from these mentioned method you will also be paid for participating in completing different offers and tasks. Similarly, you can earn money by playing the game called cllixgrid. Where you have to place the cursor of your mouse where your hidden reward lies among the other grids placed in a square box.

I would suggest you to upgrade your account to premium one, because with its help you will be enjoying boundless opportunities where you will be receiving higher direct referral commissions. Similarly, you will have more chances of winning while playing the clixgrid; where you can make a jackpot earning if you made the exact click on the grid where a payment is kept if you are lucky. You will be able to entertain 8 tier affiliate programme where you will have broad earning opportunities. But, if you cannot make daily appearance and not making regular sign - ins; it’s not worth upgrading to Premium account make consideration of it before you join the clixsense program.
After you upgrade to premium account you will receive guaranteed ads daily, also a minimum cash out option from your account after you are eligible for payment.

The affiliate program of clixsense is just fantastic, not only you will be compensated for the referral you have made but also you will be paid for the activities of your direct referrals like the clicks he has made or the referrals he has made also the offers or tasks he has completed.

So, this programme – clixsense is suitable for those people who have lisure time and want to make some earning. In Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other SAARC countries as well where we can find lots of person who are unemployed. It’s suitable for housewives, students, unemployed person but have access to internet.

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  1. Hey how to cash out the money from clicksense in nepal???

  2. There is paypal option available for you fren.