Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum with Storm Play app

Do you want to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum coins with your mobile phones?

As we all know the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is rising day by day. A lot of countries are accepting these crypto currencies as means of payment these days. So, you are on your mobile most of the time and wondering as if you can make some crypto currency having good value these days.

Earn from your mobile with Storm Play  app

Storm Play is the app you can download from the play store  of your android mobile phone. After you download the mobile app, register yourself with your email address. This app is a bitcoin/ethereum faucet which pays you in every 30 minutes. It pays you 500 bolts every 30 minutes. All you have to do is open this app  and collect your blocks.
(Note: Blocks represent the units in this app )

Earn 24000 Bolts free!

You can get free 24000 bolts after you register yourself in Storm Play app. Remember you must enter the code “YWLBMN” while registering and enter in the referral code to get the “6000 blocks bonus”.

Remember that- every time you reach  200000 bolts you can place a withdrawal (you can request your earning)

How to withdraw your earnings?

As I told you before, the Storm Play app pays you in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The choice is yours totally. If  you earn faucets with both crypto currencies than I suggest you friends to download “coinbase” application in your mobile as you can store both BTC and ETH in your coinbase wallet.

Note: Wallets are those which helps you to store your crypto currencies likeBitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Dasch Coin(DASH),  Monero(XMR), Dogecoin(DOGE). Blockchain, coinbase, xapo provides the facility of storing those crypto currencies.

You can make a decent earning here.
500 bolts every half an hour.
1000 bolts every hour.
12000 bolts every 12 hour.
Payment made in my Xapo wallet or coinbase wallet from Storm Play app

You can meet the minimum withdrawal limit of 200000 in some days. That means you can make your withdrawal in few days in your wallets with less effort. Isn’t that good earning friends?

Apart from that you can also earn more bolts by completing different offers available in the tasks section. You will be provided the stated blocks after you complete the task.

Storm Play app is developed by cakecodes team. They are hardworking, creative and dedicated developers.

So, friends you might have explored the way to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum with Bitmaker app. You also can find more ways to Earn online with your android mobile phones. 

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Happy Earning Friends

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