earn online from clixsense in Nepal know about my online jobs story.

                                                                  Looking for opportunities to work online from your home?Well yes, It is really possible to make some earnings online and there are some platforms where you will be able to earn some money online staying back at your home, office, internet cafes or any place where you have an access to internet. Today here I am going to share my story of my earning in clixsense – the best paid to click(ptc) site in internet.

My clixsense story:

      I was also one of the high school student doing my management study. I attended my class in the morning and whole afternoon I was just wondering about mine pocket money. The financial status of mine family was not good either. I wanted to support mine studies myself. While I was on internet I used to search different ways to earn online from internet in google. Every search would land me on the search where it would tell you that , You could earn online just by clicking ads.

This brought me to the site named clixsense, where you needed to sign up with your personal information and an email address. The payout amount was $8, still I could see people making good money out of it. Hereyou get  paid $0.001 per click and you would get limited ads (25 to 28) ads per day. Which means I could only make $0.023 to $0.025 per day.

With this rate I was nowhere of earning  1$ in a month if I made regular clicks daily. This method frustrated me. I stopped  to click the ads and My desire to make some money online just went in vain
How people make nice earning in this site??

I was still making some searches on ways to earn some money online through internet. In this course of time I tried other different ways to earn online. But still I could see and read successful stories of different  people making nice earning from paid to click site (ptc site) as well.

Later, I came to realize the fact of the success of those people. How they made so nice earning in paid to click site as well where u get paid so less amount for everyclick. In this clixsense program you can refer  this site to other users as well. You can get a referral link in your  account summary tab, in the my affiliate details u will see the “ my affiliate link” . Copy and promote the link through different medium. As any body clicks that referral link and signs him/ herself up for the program, you will have a new referral in your account. Every time that referral clicks the paid to click ads (ptc ads) your account will be credited certain commission as well.

So, see you are earning with your regular click from the ads also your referral is making a click on the other side and your earning is multiplying. So the earning increases with the increase in your refferals. Here is an example of mine how, the referrals work.
I mades $0.75 without any effort with help of my referrals

In the above picture we can see the total number of referrals is 11 and the earned commission from their click is $0.75 without  any effort. What will be the earning if the referrals in 100s ??? Isn’t it a great platform frens??
Do you now agree that nice earning from  this is really possible?? By now you must be agreeing with me .

 How can I get  referrals for clixsense??

Well it all depends on your effort on how you promote your referral links, some social media like google+, facebook, twitter may not allow you to promote your link, in that case shorten your referral links and post it online. You also can send it to your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, groups. Remember you are losing nothing promoting your link but if you get some valued referrals you will be getting a lifetime commission from their clicks.

Why you need to choose this site for online earning ?

By now most of my dear friends must have understood the concept of it working and how an earning could be done from it. So why you need to choose this program to make some earning??. It does not require much of your time. You could do it in spare time at your home or in school/college or work place. You can refer it to different people , known or unknown to you in different groups, forums, sites as well.

 Clixsense in Nepal

Some people are earning good from the online jobs in Nepal, for those though this program for earing online is totally new concept. I haven’t seen many users  from Nepal. Yet they are not aware of the opportunites you will be getting through the site to make money online in Nepal.

How was the post friends, feel free to post your comments, feedback on our comments below, you
r story regarding online jobs are also welcome here.../ Thank you. Happy earning frens...

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  1. How to cashout in nepal from neobux and clicksense plz tell me

  2. You can cash out from neobux or clixsense through different methods. You can recieve your payments through paypal or payza. you can learn on how to join paypal or payza here at https://onlinejobs4nepal.blogspot.ae/2016/03/receive-and-send-your-online-earned-money-from-payza.html