Increase your likes on facebook, twitter, instagram with addmefast

Increase likes on facebook, twitter, instagram
marketing has been evolved for that purpose and yes now days internet marketing is one of the essential factor you should consider these days.
Today, everything sells if you have quality to sell it. Being a quality only does not help in the growth of your product. The term

Do you want to increase likes on your facebook post?, want peple to share it and like your facebook page? The more your post reaches to a mass of people; it will have some response to your post which will have direct effect on your products or your profile yourself.

What is addmefast?

It is a platform where you can register yourself and participate in growing your social media presence. It is a mutual effort from the members.

What can I do in addmesfast?

After you sign up and login , you will be directed to free points page. At the free points page you will find different options on how you can earn points. Remember that the points you have earned will be used to promote your likes, follows , traffic exchange and so on.

Before, you start to earn points you will be asked to connect your social networking profiles with addmefast so that your clicks, follows, tweet, re-tweet can be verified. you are liking a facebook page of other user. means you should be signed into a facebook account to  like, share posts of other users.

How to increase likes on your facebook page ??

After you have connected your social networks, at the top left  corner you will see  "+Add site/page button" click on it which will redirect you to next page. Then, you will be taken to "Add/Edit content page where you can add or edit your desired contents.
Later to add your facebook page, in Type column from drop down menu select facebook likes, for countries select worldwide box, if you want likes from particular country select it from the drop down menu. After you hav finished it  type the title name of your facebook page on Title column, Then in the page URL; option type the page's url i.e is the full URL for facebook page of Online Jobs In Nepal. After, that select how many points you are offering when any body likes your page which ranges from minimum of 2 to maximum of 10 points

How to increase twitter followers?

Do you want to increase twitter followers?
As increasing the like procedure on facebook; same applies on Increasing your twitter followers. On the type column you should select "Twitter followers" from the drop down menu and on the username section write your username of twitter, like "onlinejobsnepal" is the username of twitter of Online Jobs In nepal. And lastly select the point a user gets when anybody has started following you/

Your social network profile is also one of the powerful tool you can have for your marketing purpose. If you  wan to:

1. increase like, post, share on your facebook
2. increase followers, tweet, likes, retweet in Twitter
3. Increase your google circle, post share and +1
4. Increase  your youtube followers, like, views and share.
5. Increase your Pinterest followers, repins
6. Instagram likes, followers.
7. Increase legitimate traffic to your blog or site.

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How was the post guys??  hope it will help you to increase your social presence in social networks. feel free to comment your suggestions, reviews about the post on the comment box below
Thank you.
Happy Earning Friends.

By;- Prem kumar shrestha

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