Receive and send your online earned money by payza in Nepal

Online money making is the one of the common term most people have been listening to but not aware of the fact that it is really possible to earn some money online. From mine blog Online Jobs in Nepal, I have been making different posts on how money could be made online.
So, how can we recive the money we have earned??

                                This is the question I receive mostly on my facebook page Online jobs in Nepal.It’s a usual question to be asked and for those who are new to the earning world. After working hard and making some money online, you will be eligible to be paid. It really feels bad if you don’t receive your payment and all hard work goes in vain.


                     Payza is the online payment processor which pays you the amount right in your bank account. A lot of online sites uses this method to pay you online. Popular paid to click(PTC) sites  like clixsense, neobux, traffic monsoon uses this method as one of the payment processor
                                By now you must have understood how you could receive your hard earned money online. Apart from it there are other payment processors like paypal, solid trust pay, Neteller, payoneer, perfect money etc.

How can you join Payza??

                Since, Payza has members from all over the world. Its very easy to join , fill in the details in the form that you get after you click the sign up bottom. Provide your signing up email address, your residing address and other details as asked by Payza. Your payza account is ready to use . Before that you must verify your email address .
Payza is the best payment to recieve and send money online

Benefits of payza:

®Payza’s e-wallet  platform provides its members worldwide with convenient and flexible loading and withdrawal options, such as localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit cards, checks.
®It also offers foreign exchange services, fraud screening services, email invoicing, mass and single remittances and business management tools.
®It offers its service in over 190 countries and in 21 different currencies.
®Merchants can use payza as a one stop shop solution for accepting payments and managing their business online.
®Payza also provides its customers with the world’s truly global payment platform, to bring affordable and convenient  payment methods to under-serviced markets. It connects the global marketplace with emerging countries with outstanding customer service and dependable security.
®send and receive money all around the world.
®It helps you in facilitating to buy goods online and pay with payza.

As a verification process you have to provide authentic identity card to verify yourself as a genuine owner of payza. You can provide one of the identity card let it be citizenship, passport, driver license etc. After your verification process  is completed you are elgible for making transactions through your account.

Payza in Nepal.
                          Payza in Nepal is a new concept for the internet users as most of them are not aware about the online transactions that could be carried in payza. Nepali internet users also can carry different transactions. You can withdraw your online earned money here. You also can send and receive money online with other fellow users.

Isn’t it helpful for you to carry out online transactions friends???

                                                                                 Join Payza

If you have any queries, feel free to post your questions in our comment box below. I would do my best to answer your queries and help you .

Thank you friends. Happy Earning J

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