Top10 best nepali songs to enjoy during the rain

It's raining outside Monsoon is already at our doors. With ever drop of rain, sometimes you are left with no choice other than to enjoy the rain. A cup of Hot Tea/Coffee, earpods plugged in your ears and a playlist of beautiful songs related to rain and a view from your window or terrace. Have you ever had that feeling? 

With the pitter-patter of silver droplets dripping from the dark sky, it adds the flavor of love in your mood. Maybe that’s a reason why, since time immemorial, musicians from around the world have been creating music inspired by rain.  And here we have listed some of the evergreen Nepali tracks inspired from the rain that might set the romantic mood this monsoon.

Top 10 Nepali songs related to Rain

1. ‘Ye Jhari’ : Nabin K Bhattarai

Whenever it’s a rain song, ‘Ye Jhari’ by Nabin K Bhattarai tops the list as I can assure you there is no any single personnel who haven't listened to this track.With a blend of soothing music composed by legendary musician Shambhujeet Baskota and romantic lyrics penned by Dr Arun Sayami, the classic number will certainly set the romancein you in a rainy day.

 2. "Jhari Pareko Din" : Babin Pradhan

One of the best songs to enjoy during the rain but very few know it's a true story based on the air crash that took the life of beloved Babin Pradhan's lover who inspired to this song. Once you know this fact, You will relate to every words and the pain illustrated through the song.

3. "Sawane Jharima" : Asha Bhosle

Our Old classical songs are so beautiful and soothing to our ears that when you acknowledge the beauty you will adore it even more.If you are Nepali old school music lover and at same time you are desperately missing someoneone during a rainy day, you will certainly love this song ‘Sawane Jharima’. Sung by the legendary Indian singer, Asha Bhosle, the song is from the classic movie ‘Lahure’. With heart touching music composed by Ranjeet Gazmer, heartfelt lyrics penned by the duo Kusum Gazmer and Tulsi Ghimire this rainy song simply makes your day perfect.

4. "Asharai Mahina ma" : Chujan Dukpa

One of the classics which you shouldn't miss during the rainy day is the song "Asharai Mahinama"

This is song of a man who has moved on some foreign place who misses his lover back in his hometown along with a child of his. He remembers all the hardship his partner might be going through on rainy day and her request not to leave her for a foreign place.

5. "Sim Sime Paanima " : Rekha Shah and Prem Raja Mahat

One of the most famous folk duet song every one remembers when there is a word "rain" in it. Though the song is totally not related to rain but its very popular with the word rain in it. It used to be the most played track in different functions and the singers duo gained a lot of fame through the song.

6."Paani Paryou  aashina Jharyou" : Almoda Uprety

This song had such a catchy tune which led it to its huge popularity among the youths. The title of the song and catchy lyrics caught a huge attention among the youths which surged the popularity of the song and the way the song was choreographed that too made the song a hit. 

7. "Barsaat ma Uni Rujda" : Ram Krishna Dhakal

This is also one of the song which has significant attachment to rain which is sung by popular singer Ram Krishna Dhakal. The song describes a desire to be a drop of rain when his lover is wet in the rain. All the fantasies of the lyricist is expressed beautifully relating to rain in this song.

8. ‘Pani Paryo’ : Rohit John Chettri

‘Bistarai Bistarai’ Singer Rohit John Chettri has also created a musical number entitled ‘Panni Paryo’ inspired from the rain. Composed and written by the singer himself, When you listen to the song , the song can add the ingredients of love in your mood during the rain

9. ‘ Asaar’ : Bipul Chettri

How could you miss ‘Asaar’- a musical masterpiece created by Nepali singer based on Darjeeling while it’s raining? The folk tune - describing the beauty of monsoon, undoubtedly makes your day warm and cozy on a rainy day. Bipul Chettri has a lot of hits which captivates young music listeners and Asar is one of the favorites of him to help you enjoy your rainy day.

10. "Jham Jham Darkiyou Paani" : Pashupati Sharma

If you like to groove with the tunes of folk music, this song based on rain is for you. This is a song by Pashupati Sharma which will make you dance to its beats and make you forget it's a rain related song. A separate song among the songs listed above but I am sure you will not be disappointed to my selection.

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