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Nepali Thangka Arts

Nepali Thangka Arts

Mandala is a circle which is a device for the Tantrik meditation. It is a visual aid for concentration and introversive meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to the activation of forces culminating in "Siddhi" supernatural forces. The Mandala is the graphic representation of this process. It is not only theoretical but practical also as an operational scheme involving a clear plan for practical realization of the process within oneself. It thus becomes an instrument (Yantra). There are many types and varieties of Mandalas depending on the nature of the central deity. The most classic pattern of Mandalas is of the Dhyani Buddha. This Thangka depicts Buddha Mandala. The Mandalarepresents "palace of purity" a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and unpurified. The square of the "Sacred palace" proper is end used in multiple circles of flame, Vajra, eight centuries (appears only in wrathful deities) lotus, then the inner square to reach to the deity of the Mandala. 

Mandala Thangka Art

Some facts of Mandala Thangka art

#Mandala is taken as sacred space and also as an abode of fully realized beings or deities.

#In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions sacred art often takes a mandala form.

#The basic form of mandalas is square with four gates containing a circle with a center point.

#Spiritual and ritual significance.

#A circle which is device for the Tantric meditation.

#Round mandala thangka painting is wonderful piece of art.

#A representation of the unconsciousself mandala enables one to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness in personality.

#Mandala is regarded as a place separated and protected from the ever changing and impure outer world of samsara.

# In sanskrit,mandala or circle is known as a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism,that represents the universe.

# A place of nirvana and peace.

Name : Kalachakra Mandala
Dimensions : 50cm x 50cm

Thangkas are hand painted by master artists and their apprentices in the Kathmandu Valley.  

Our small unframed thangkas make these masterworks available for a very low price.

 It's perfect addition to your home, meditation area, or altar space.

For product inquiry:

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You can pay through e-sewa, Khalti.


Payments can be done with skrill, Payza, western union or Wire transfer.

Thangkas can be shipped as required with DHL, FedEx, UPS or other Courrier companies

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