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1974 AD rocks kathmandu along with Kutumba at Kirtipur

Kathmandu witnessed a historical concert on 9th of November at Kirtipur Khel Maidan. The popular band 1974 AD was the performer at the event along with Kutumba and Rohit John Chettri.

The concert Venue of 1974 AD  - Kirtipur at Dusk 

We rarely get to watch concert of 1974 AD as they are very selective with their performances. They are one of the highly demanded bands inside and outside the country. Most of the time they are travelling all over the world with their performances. On 9th November a Grand concert was scheduled where 1974 AD was performing collaborating with the other folk pop instrumental band - Kutumba. Rohit John Chettri who had been the band member as a vocalist for the band 1974 AD was the other performer at the event.

The venue was located at the ground near to the entrance gate of Kirtipur. Kriti Events organized the event with the aim of promoting Kirtipur as one of the destination for Tourist as it it culturally and ethnically rich which can be attraction to promote tourism.

The program started at 5 PM where VJ/Producer Suraj Singh Thakuri who currently hosts "It's My Show " at Kantipur TV hosted the show cheering up the crowd. Rohit John Chettri opened up the show performing his new songs along with other popular songs whereas the fan favorite " Bistarai Bistarai " was sung along with the crowd. The stage was built at the western side of the ground. The sound system, light settings and the stage was built in such a way that the crowd could experience some qualitative concert with the latest equipment and technology. On the background of the stage were the houses built in such a way that gives the glimpse of those houses seen in Brazil or the movie "Rio".

Since it was getting darker the lights lit on the background added some more decorations to the stage twinkling behind. Rohit John Chettri Paved way to 1974 AD who made grand entrance through their new song. Later they performed  "Timilai Pirati le Bandhaula" and the crowd was getting energized with the tunes of the band and singing along with them for their popular tracks "Samjhi Baschu", "Parelima ", "Pahilo Junima". They performed their new songs as well. They released the new album Nirantarta the day before.

The show came more to life when Kutumba was introduced as 1974 were collaborating with them on song of their songs. Kutumba - known for their fusion instrumental tracks gave different tunes to the songs of 1974 AD as they performed "Guransai Phulyo Banaima", "Chaubandi Choli", "Jati Maya Laye pani". One of the best moment of my life was to see these two great band of Nepal performing together and sharing the same stage.

Most probably Kathmandu was witnessing a big open concert of high quality after a long time. It was a dream to watch and be part of 1974 AD's concert in a lifetime. The separation of the band members because of different circumstances had made me question myself as if I would ever able to witness their concert together. With all the members uniting together and announcing their concert for Kathmandu. Had been eagerly waiting for the event and The dream came true finally. The songs have some emotional attachment as it recalls many memories  as they have completed their 25th anniversary we were part of them too. They had a concert titled "Rockyatra" back in 2002 at Dasarth Rangasala which was great success.

They ended the concert with the track "Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Hoh" which is the popular song among us. The song based on Nationalism and Nationality based on Rock genre made the crowd sing and dance with the band.

Below is the last song "Yo mann Ta Mero Nepali Hoh" performed at the concert.

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