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Nepathya Rocked kathmandu for a social cause at Bhrikutimandap

It had been some time Nepathya- the popular band of Nepal had performed for the crowd of Kathmandu. Nepathya was performing at the garden of Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu for the fund raising of building a earthquake struck school at Dolakha. The concert was organized for the construction of school with collaboration of "Help Nepal Network" The concert was held in rebuilding "Raj Kuleshwar Nimna Madhyamik Vidhyalaya" of Bhimeswor Metropolitan-2, Dolakha.


Nepathya is not only known for its entertainment through music but also their contribution to social works on different occasions as they contributed a lot to Prime Ministers Earthquake relief fund organizing different concerts in Australia, Japan, UAE. The vocalist of Nepathya - Amrit Gurung is one of the adored figured in Nepal for his contributions to social issues.

The program was held with the slogan " Music For Education" where the band were to perform at 6 pm and the gates had been opened for the program from 4:30 pm. The crowd had started to gather at the Bhrikutimandap garden for the program. The crowd was eager to witness a very pleasing performance from one of the renowned bands of Nepal having a history in Nepali Music for more than 25 years. As the time approached for the scheduled concert a Countdown was set for the concert. When the countdown reached zero at 6 PM, Nepathya made their entrance on the stage with the song "Aanganai Bhari Heu nai jhari" as the crowd grew louder and entertain with the songs they Played.

Nepathya performed for more than 2 hours as they performed their hits like "Chekyo Chekyo, Jomsomai Bazarma, Udayo Relaile, Taalko Paani, Resham" and so on. Amrit gurung doesn't only perform on the stages he has that captivating power and motivate the crowds on addressing the social, political and national issues. Throughout the program he entertained the crowd with his soothing voice, some dance moves and messages for the development of Nepal, Nepalese and our society. The songs Nepathya choose are typical folk songs fused with Rock genre. Amrit Gurung is known for his social initiative works and an influencer to many age groups.


They closed the concert with the patriotic song "Rato Ra Chandra Surya". It was a wonderful experience as it was first time I had the opportunity to watch Nepathya's concert so upfront and so close. They are the most iconic and idol bands to many youths and music enthusiastic people. Same way from childhood days I followed their music. The classic hits "Chekyo Chekyo, Jomsomai Bazarma, Udayo Relaile" carries me back to those school days where listening to those songs on radios making a lyrical book was so fun. With time their popularity rose to the heights as establishing them as a pioneer band in Nepali Music Industry. They adopted the unique Folk Rock Genre and carried themselves changing the trends in Nepali Music. Who can forget their charity works as well they have been with the music lovers inside and outside country conveying the message of peace, prosperity and development through their music.

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