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Android vs Iphone, which one is better?

Android vs Iphone, which one is better?

Iphone Vs Android phones

Which is the better mobile these days? This is the common question these days. Everybody knows that the most famous phones which are being sold the most these days are iphone and Android phones.

Apple Incorporation is the manufacturer of Iphone which captures most of the market these days and Android phones chase the market after them. With its popular product, apple have made a lot of fortune in recent years and diversifying their investment in technology along with it. Google's android platform is trying to adopt itself in the race of sales. Many of the Mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, colors and so on has adopted the android platform and competed itself in the mobile manufacturing business.

If asked to a general person, he has always desired to purchase iphone for himself. But the product is a bit expensive and out of reach to normal mobile users. In contrast to that you will find android phones in different prices and affordable to a normal user who wish to carry a smartphone which is updated to the present generation.

If you are an android platform mobile user, today I am presenting some points which will make you proud of owning it compared to that of Iphone.


1.) Free Music
With Android phones you can access free music on your music player, be that music player be of your smartphone's default music player or the one of google's play music which you can download from play store. You can enjoy free music in contrast to that of iphone which allows you to add music to your phone through their music streaming software iTunes, which is a most. You also cannot have a multimedia contents like pictures, videos in your device without the help of itunes.

2.) Send files via bluetooth
With the help of bluetooth you can transfer different files among your friends which facility is the major contributor to distinguish themselves and provide better feature to the users.

3.) Portable storage 
All of us know that Apple's mobile phone device comes in different internal storage unit which differs the price of the product. From its introduction to till date, the California based IT tech company has not introduced a feature to support external storage. While android phone comes with nice internal storage to support an external storage device which you can carry with yourself and use it to other device if you need. Not limiting your storage flexibility.

4.)Custom Home Launchers
You can customize your home screen and change the theme with different launchers like zero launcher in your mobile phone in android powered devices. with change in themes the home screen icons changes too which gives new look to your mobile phones and refresh yourself with new looks and transition effects in your phone. Apple doesn't provide the feature as you are restricted to the same old fashioned look.

5.) Install apps from web or anywhere
you can download and install the apps from anywhere. You can download the .apk files from internet and install it to your device, Having a large users most of the apps are available in the play store. Apart from app store you will not be able download any applications and some apps need to be paid as well

6.) Multi Tasking and split screen
You can multi task and split the screen in the android devices whereas its not possible in iphone, you will have to work on only app

So guys, if you own an android phone be proud of it. Though apple makes expensive mobiles and have good market share in smartphone market, it fails to provide above mentioned facilities to its users.

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