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Coke studio at MTV featuring KK

Coke studio at MTV is going extra ordinary. The tv show being hosted at MTV India is gaining popularity day after day. Its not like the other normal tv shows thats being presented. MTV india is dedicated to music , its promotion and provide a platform to the new comers as well.

In a same way Coke studio @ MTV is also a music oriented programme with a different taste making fusion and experiments its base. In the 7th episode of the Coke Studio at MTV this friday the featured artists were KK, Sabri Brothers, Mathangi, Ramya Iyer, Sanjay Vidyarthi and Roopmati Jolly .

Coke Studio at MTV featured the eternal favourite of KK fans - 'Tu Aashiqui Hai ' which shows why KK is one of the most respected singers in the Indian music industry.. ​. and why this song can never get old . " Tu Aashiqui hai " is a national award winning song sung by KK, from the film 'Jhankaar Beats'. When i watched this song performed by KK after a long time also with a different tune at Coke Studio it reminded me of the song as i had almost forgotten that song :)

Apart from KK the other performers Sabri Brothers, Mathangi, Ramya Iyer, Sanjay Vidyarthi and Roopmati Jolly also rocked the sets of Coke studio with their solo and collaborated songs. They come from different backgrounds and taste of music and it feels so pleasant to watch them perform together as music has no boundries and all the artist are bound by the music.

Coke studio @ MTV has its own goal, motive and destination promoting folk music and artists. You can watch Coke Studio @ MTV's episodes at

So, i will be waiting for the next episode of Coke studio at MTV and hope you will too :)

                                            by :-  PREM KUMAR SHRESTHA

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