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Introduction to Liverpool Football Club.

liverpool football club logo
I feel myself proud to host this blog  and introduce Lfc to many people. I am updating and dedicating this blog to the liverpool football club fans. Most of us Liverpool fans are always curious about the news, happenings around liverpool football club (lfc).

I hardly can remember  when I became a Liverpool football Club fan. Though it has not been many years but since I have been familiar to Englsih premier league(epl). I have loved Liverpool Football Football Club has gone through many ups and downs. It also has been criticized more in these days but whatever the situations and circumstances that liverpool football club has gone through my heart always wishes for the good and improvement in it.

As a well Wisher I will always be supporting Lfc and do my best in promoting and updating Lfc's updates and fixtures with player updates as well.

Proud to be a kop, proud to be a Lfc fan and once a red always a red. You will never walk alone (YNWA)

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