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Luis Suarez's best defining moments at Liverpool FC, here are some best moments check it out.

Luis Suarez’s best moments in Liverpool Fc
Luis Suarez's best moments at liverpool

How much will Liverpool miss their ace star?, Time will show it but let us recall some key moments of the Liverpool Fc’s striker after his transfer to Barcelona FC. Luis Suarez is a playmaker, precious talent, determined, spectacular goals, the bans he received, on and off pitch popularity and the transfer and rumor saga throughout his stay in Liverpool FC will be memorable for ever for the fans.

Today, let’s discuss some defined moments Luis Suarez had with us:

§ Made a wonderful debut in his first game against Stoke city at Anfield: Luis Suarez scored on his debut at Anfield on the game against Stoke City. The player who was to replace Fernando Torres, making a switch to Chelsea proved his determined attitude in the game. He came as a substitute and scored after 6 minutes to win the game 2-0.

§ Played a key role in thrashing Manchester United: When its Liverpool FC and Manchester United face each other in the ground, the whole world( I mean football supporters from all over the world J ) comes to a halt. In this match played on March 2011, Luis Suarez played a key role to trash the United though the match belonged to Dirk Kuyt, he made to important contribution to set up the goals for the Netherland striker. Dirk Kuyt became the first player since Peter Beardsly to score a hatrick. The Liverpool no. 7 had just made his fourth appearance for the club impressing everyone.

§  8 months ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra, Manchester United player: Luis Suarez was found guilty and fined a sum of£40,000 for the incident. He had a heated exchange with Patrice Evra, who claimed he was racially abused. After investigation the Football Association (FA) handed him 8 match ban and fined too. After, this incident he refused to shake hand with Patrice Evra on their next meeting at Old Trafford in February 2012.

§ Dives in front of David Moyes : When your opposing team Manager makes a bad comment of you, You obviously take it by heart. Same incident happened with Luis Suarez, he was accused as a diver byDavid Moyes who was the Manager of Everton. After scoring against them, he dived infront of the Everton Manager as a satire for his accusation where themersyside derby ended with 2- 2.

§ Bites Ivanovic of Chelsea and receives a 10 match ban: Liverpool FC were hosting the blues at Anfield where the incident happened. The reds were facing some pressure, Saurez held Branislav Ivanovic by his hands and was caught biting on his hand. This had him imposed a 10 match ban where he missed the rest of the gamesof 2012- 2013 season.

§  Tries to leave the club and join Arsenal and other club : Luis Suarez blamed the club and the Manager trying a escape from anfield where on the other side Arsenal were interested on him also proposing a bid of £40 million at that time. He issued statement back from his home where he was serving the ban, the desire  to leave the club showing English Media the reason to do so. But the club and the owner John W Henry stood firm on the decision to keep the asset at any cost.

§  Shines alongside Daniel sturridge making influential comeback after the ban: After serving the 10 match ban after biting Branislav Ivanovi of Chelsea, he made a influential comeback at the Stadium of Lights against sunderland on September 2013. Daniel Sturridge set up 2 goals for Luis Suarez and scored 1 for himself to mark the return of his team mate.

§ Punished Norwich once again with his extra ordinary record holding performance: Norwich have been threated before with a spectacular performance by Luis Suarez before. Anfield has witnessed lots of its legends performing the best in their career. The masterpiece performance of him helped to create a record and a memorable performance. He scored 4 goals and set up another one on the 5-1 defeat of the cannaries on December 2013.

§  Signs new contract: With the completion of his contract, He signed a new deal of 4 and half years at December 2013 with reds commiting himself to the club. He made it public that he was in love with the city and the fans were amazing as described by him, which was the reason for the extension of his contract.

§  Cries at Crystal Palace: The day was May 5th, Monday 2014 where Liverpool FC were playing with Crystal Palace. Liverpool’s all dream were shattered and broken with the draw at the last minutes. With win they would have secured a strong probability of winning the title as were in prediction before. Though leading with 3 goals and winning most of the ball possession. The defensive incapability of the Reds conceded  3 goals at the last minutes shattered all dreams. he was devasted of the result who cired on the ground.

§ Won Football player of the Year: Luis Suarez won double player of the year award though he missed to achieve one with the team. His individual performance for the season gained him those critically acclaimed awards. He won Footballer’s Association Player of the year before receiving the same title from the Football Writers Association Player of the Year with his 31 goals for the season.

You will be surely missed Suarez at Liverpool. As you are a professional, playing football is your profession be the best at it and some sentiments and emotions do keep values in life and never forget what Anfield was to you and what the Liverpool Fans did at your bad times. You will Never Walk Alone (YNWA) Suarez. Best wishes for your future.

How was the post friends, do comment on the comment box below, if i forgot some memorable event please do mention it. Thank You

By:- Prem Kumar Shrestha

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