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Nepal developing as natural sets for movie makers

In recent days Nepal has been the spot for shooting Hollywood Movies, documentary, TVCs. Nepal has been the tourism destinationloved by a lot of people for a long time. But these days it has been able to attract a lot of artists to capture its beauty in various visual forms.

The Nepalese government has been able to make a decent collection of amount from the fee received by granting the permission to grant to shoot in different parts of the country. The natural beauty captivates the eyes of lots of people and many movie makers feel themselves lucky to expose such beauty through their work. Normally 15,000 Nepalese Rupees is charged for getting the permission to shoot in different spots but  additional 5 thousand dollar must be paid if the permission is asked to shoot in upper dolpa and mustang area.

Movies shot in Nepal

From the movie Everest to the famous Motor Company Volkswagen have choosen  to shot here in Nepal. Recent days you will see the TVC of the famous Motor Company Volkswagen screened in televisions which was shot in Nepalese Tourist destinations in simple and adoring way. The TVC was shot in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur signifying the cultural diversity and historical importance as well. The TVC is in Chinese language with a length of 51 seconds which you can watch below.

upper mustang of Nepal
Similarly, Hollywood movie Everest was shot around the areas of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest with 8848 m being the roof of the world lies in Nepal. Similarly “Ya badhu Subramaniyam “ – a Telegu film and Hebrew language movie was shot here too.

  With respect to the number of movies being shot here, the income generated by the collection of fee while granting the permission to shot the movies and also the spending the crew will make here will have positive effect in the GDP of Nepal. The message that will be carried to the world will help in generating more tourists and promote more economic activities as well. Nepal can also be promoted as a beautiful sets for shooting movies. Also what the government of Nepal should do is build infrastructures for easy accessibility of the destinations. The fees received as for granting the permission to shoot movies must be reasonable and spent wisely in promoting such destinations in International arena which will attract more movie makers. This will also help in promoting tourism related activities booming tourism industry.

The places where the Movies are shot are Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Chitwan, Pokhara, Everest area, Dolpa, Manang, Mustang, Lukla, Baglung, Beni etc. where different movies with different languages such as English, Hindi, German, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian, Hebrew, Telegu and many more are shot.

Nepal possess a huge potential to exploit its resources targeting the film industry of neighboring countries India and China who are tired of their homeland and exploring shooting locations abroad, which ultimately will increase tourists to Nepal. Before a chinese movie up in the wind” was shot here and watching this movie Chinese wants to visit the place to see if it is the same as illustrated in the movie.

                         Everest Movie trailer

Before Eric Valley had made a movie named “Caravan” which had been able to nominate itself in the prestigious Oscar awards which had benefited for the brand Nepal internationally. Bollywood superstar Amitabh BachhanStarer movie “khud gawa” to the Hollywood movies “Little Buddha”, “The Golden child”, “The winning horse”, “Red corner” etc movies have been promoting Nepal with its scenes featuring the attractive destinations.

So, though we may lack in other economic activities. We can promote tourism to carry up and boost our economy not always relying the assistance of other countries.

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