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Summary quotes of Luis Suarez's book crossing the line : My story

Summary of Luis Suarez's book - " Crossing the line: My story"

The most controversial and profilic former striker of Liverpool in the English Premier League(EPL) came up with his book - "Crossing the line - My story" compiling his experience of his stay at the mersyside club Liverpool. He has discussed the most controversial incidents that took place during his spell in the club.

Luis Suarez who won the golden boot award along with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo had scored 31 goals and setup 14 for his team mates had a successful season for LFC.  But the Reds were denied the trophy despite the excellent performance of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, who followed Luis suarez in the goal tally. After being a success with the Reds he drew attention of lot of clubs but Suarez had commited himself to Liverpool

During the game of Uruguay who were facing Italy in the World Cup , Suarez bite Georgio Chellini and received a ban and suspension from Football regulating body- FIFA for four months unable to participate in any football activities though the suspension was loosened later.

Later Barcelona made a Pound 75 million bid for the striker and thus became able to grab the services of uruguay striker who had shone in the earlier season.This transfer broke many hearts but he made a sincere clearification about his move and the need to do so. 
Luis Suarez's book- Crossing the Line: My story

Some quotes from Luis Suarez's book "Crossing the line : My story"

v  "If I hadn't been a striker, I would have been a goalkeeper"
v  "The weather in Liverpool was a little cold and grey, but the warmth from the people more than made up for it"
ร˜  "People like Jamie Carragher, are the club" we were teammates rather than friends. I admired him. Every time he spoke, I listened" ?
·         "I think Liverpool have a new Carragher, and that's Jon Flanagan"
·        Suarez gives Agger's son a DVD of him playing "here u can learn from this". Agger says "he wanst to be a footballer, not an olympic diver"
·         "I love it when other Managers go at me for my dives and then one of their own players do it...and then? Silence"
·         "You think I dive? I'll show you a dive-close up" On David Moyes (Luis scores and dives in front of him)
·         "I think the striker has to be the first player to try to motivate the rest of the team. Enthusiasm and attitude are contagious”
·         “I found out Kenny had been sacked while in Uruguay and it really hurt.
·         “I sent him a text message to say thank you for giving me the chance… Thank you for everything”
·         “Today u r going to show that u r one of the best players in the world” Gerrard told Suarez before Manchester United game.
·         "Philippe was incredible. He changed us completely & gave us faith in having the ball" On Phillipe Coutinho.
·         "Daniel Sturridge was about to become the best partner I'd had in my career"
·         "Before a game, I can easily drink four of five litters of water"
·         "when even the Prime Minister is passing comment on your behavior, it's probably time to think about leaving the country"
·         "I felt like I was stuck in the middle, while people all around me took aim. I felt suffocated. I wanted to leave" 2012/13 season.
·         "If I would have moved to Arsenal I would have regretted it. The regret would have eaten me away when I saw LFC supporters"
·         "I'm certain now that it would have been wrong to go (move) to one of Liverpool rivals"
·         "I'd been confused, hurt, under pressure, a little desperate, unsure of where to turn, with contradictory thoughts"
·         "I was glad the relationship with the fans survived. I wanted to make it up to them"
·         "if he wants to, Raheem Sterling can be the best in the world one-on-one"
·         "Brendan Rodgers had contacted our mothers & requested if they could write something about their sons"
·         Rodgers would read the letter from our mothers, but would never tell us who's letter he was reading"
·         "Kompany is probably the hardest defender I have faced in the Premier League"
·         "From where I was on the pitch, I saw it unfold clearly, I could only pray that Simon would stop him, somehow but he couldn't"
·         If I had been in Stevie's shoes, I don't know if I would have been able to carry on playing. Emotionally, it must have been very, very hard.."
·         "Stevie is a quite Captain. If I ever saw him shouting, then I knew he was furious. He doesn't raise his voice for the sake of it"
·         "I love the way he is. He talks to you and you better listen. He keeps a cool head. I respect that"
·         "A huge part of what we were achieving was down to him. He deserved to win & it was taken from him. It's cruel. Very hard to take"
·         "It was an ugly game, hard to play. No player enjoys playing like that, when the other team sits so deep" On Chelsea.
·         "Kolo guided me out of the pitch, I could not control the tears, he sat with me in the dressing room and bus"
·         "we had been so close, only to lose it in the most painful way. I felt lost. Powerless and lost" On Palace match.
·         "there is a signed SG8 shirt that proudly hangs back home(URU) Dedicated 'the best I've played with' to me that's incredible"
·         "Lucas Leiva, he is a genuine friend of mine"
·         "No one gave me better guidance than Stevie..."
·         "I didn't blame Stevie for not wanting to go with me to the PFA awards. After our defeat, I did not want to go either .
·         "Raheem & Daniel were supposed to come too, but they didn't come either. I went, out for the respect of players who had voted for me"
·         "I've voted for Yaya Toure in my category and Luke Shaw for Young player of the year."
·         I will miss the, "Luis Suarez - I just can't get enough" song & the "You'll Never Walk Alone anthem"
·         "Liverpool fans made sure I never felt/walked alone. I only wish I could have left them with the league title they deserved"
·         "The work that Walter did on my knee was incredible. A miracle. and as if I wasn't motivated enough.
·         Roy Hodgson said something 'he is not works class'. "Roy Hodgson comments did sting and made me more determined for the World Cup.
·         "This was weird, they (ENG players) were giving me so much space"
·         "I couldn't run, I had cramps up both calves, I was dead then the ball came off Stevie's head"
·         "I couldn't run but I was running,  I whacked the ball. I didn't think. I can't believe it went in"?? on his 2nd goal to England.
·         "Why are you so happy that Liverpool are losing mommy?" *Delfina watching England vs Uruguay in World Cup was telling her mom.
·         "I felt for Stevie. It was cruel that it had to happen to him all, but for it to happen twice was even worse"

Luis Suarez's Defining and memorable moments in Liverpool FC

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