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That destiny we believed in.



The sun is slowly moving to the west. This place is one of mine favorites; Whenever I need to find solitude and detach myself with people, I come here. On the top of this hill, the cool breeze makes you forget all the hassles you have been through lately. The majestic view of the terrain, the dancing of the rice plants with the tunes of the wind would add extra beauty to the view and how could I forget the memories associated with you.

The dusk has always been so beautiful, it reminds me that each and everything has comes to an end with a beautiful ending and a hope. This used to be our favorite hangout. In each visit we would end up with unforgettable memories. “Why do you love this place?” She used to ask me frequently on our visits here. “The serene view from the top” I would answer with a smile.. Still not being convinced with my answer towards her question, she would ask, “Why do you put so much effort, just for a view?” Climbing the steep hill with not built proper pathways certainly demanded a lot of effort which I could see in her. At times she would sit on the top of the rocks lying on the path, trying to catch a breath

Sitting by her side I would ask her, “Do you know, what is the best thing that I like about you?” Looking towards me with a grin, she would ask “What is it?” Her expression and the look filled with curiosity would make me smile back at her. Noticing all these she would smile and remind me of the question that I had not answered her. “Well, I like the efforts you put in everything you do.” I would reply her back. Listening to my answer she would smile and blush saying “You are expert in making up things”.

It had been some time since we had sat at that place next to each other. The environment was quite; chirping of birds in a distant place along with the rustling of leaves were making efforts to break the silence. We both were enjoying the beauty of nature. Breaking the silence, I asked her “Do you believe in destiny?” She gave me a puzzled look as I had asked a question out of nowhere. Looking back to the distant sky and the clouds. She had replied, “Yes, I do. Sometimes  we are destined to achieve something, we work on it desperately, put on every efforts towards it. Still at the end we face with disappointment” I watched her closely as she replied back to my question and she continued back to do what she had been doing before. After some time she turned back to me and our eyes met. Lowering her eyes she asked me back “what about you, do you believe in destiny?”

I had stayed quite for a moment, stared at the beautiful view lying ahead of us and answered her question taking a deep breath “Yes. If something is to happen, it surely will regardless of any situation”. She looked back at me and her thoughtful look towards me made me wonder, wasn’t she satisfied with my answer. After sometime she laughed out loud and said “We both believe in this destiny thing then”. Her laugh confused me and her answer soothed the situation respectively.

She had this charming personality gathering a lot of admirers around her. She would get angry easily which was more out of the irritation of my behavior towards her which I would do knowingly to irritate her. She was a kind-hearted person with always ready to help attitude. Because of her caring and dynamic personality, she was favorite to lots of people and that was surely the reason why I had fallen for her.

The sun had finally set. I didn’t notice how fast the time had passed. Time and situation doesn’t remain the same forever. At this point, I realized how badly I miss her and those moments we had shared together. I feel we were never destined to be with each other. The thing called “destiny” that we believed in, had never any plans for us to be together.

                                                                                                                                                              "Nischal" Prem  

How was the story friends? Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.Thank You. Never judge someone on surface and take decisions.

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