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The story of six Liverpool's champions league journey and my story

"The Story of Six times European Champions League Trophy"

Finally, Liverpool lifted the prestigious cup of Europe- "The Champions League" Trophy after 14 years. They had not won any domestic competition for 7 years, there last trophy being the  EFL Cup back in 2011/12.

How hard life had been for a Liverpool fan?, You can ask them who can recite you a long story. From the rise of financial crisis to the sale to Fenway Sports Group, From Mid - table struggling team to the runner ups of 2013/14 season. Losing the premier league title with a point despite one loss throughout the season, there are lot of tales you can hear from the supporters. All Liverpool fan had been through that roller coaster ride. Since being aware of football activities, committing myself to Liverpool, the hunger and desire to achieve something big and prestigious always thrived inside me. Those temptations often brought frustrations and lit ray of hope in small success of the club hoping that it would ultimately result for something big. When those expectations weren't met, they burned deep inside as always.

Though I didn't get the opportunity to witness the heroics of 2005 Champions League live, the historic match surely made me one of the fans to Liverpool. That match must have some immense effect on making me passionate to follow the activities of Liverpool Football closely.

Supporting Liverpool Fc was the best thing ever happened in life. The club hit the bottom suffering with the financial crisis leading to the takeover by the Fenway Sports Group. Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Daglsih they did their best when the club was having bad days. They tried their best to bring those glorious days back. Whatever the situation the club passed through, the fans was always behind the managers and owners with a hope one day we will be restore those lost glory.
With the appointment of Brendan Rodgers, who made a tired less effort to return back the success who led Liverpool to the runner ups in the 2013/14 season being unfortunate to claim the league title.

Being a Liverpool Fan was very hard. Thought the passion never faded, the support and the faith never decreased throughout this period. Being called a mid-table team was painful. Being linked with top players in the transfer market and not being to attract top players was hard to bear. Fighting with limited resources, limited budget and fight for the top spot was challenging as always. It was painful watching other teams enjoying success when we were deserving too; putting every efforts to attain that success and failing to do so only resulted to have faith in the team, club and manager hoping to do something great next time resulting to be called "The next year is ours Club".

What has the Champions League Trophy brought to Liverpool Fans?

The champions league trophy that Liverpool won was not the result of some days effort. With appointment of Jurgen Klopp as the manager of the club which was a dream appointment for every  fans he brought the hope and restored the faith among the supporters. Failing to win any major trophy since his appointment back in 2015 there were some questions being raised on his managerial abilities in some fans which surely is the result of the frustrations but majority of them had believe in him. The transformation he has made to the team, the back staffs, the mentality in players he has put up some wonderful efforts in the overall up lifting of the Club. He is a wonderful person and a personality. Nobody can't stop themselves adoring him.

He has built a wonderful team the zest of success being the cooperation, the mentality among players and the back staffs which I think is the cause of the success. This is just the beginning. The stats of 2018/19 in the premier league speaks loud how far we have come. Like the saying "Rome was not built in a day" this present team of ours has not reached this point with a short period. A lot of players stood out and performed at their best and the statistics that Liverpool dominated in the season speaks it all.

Match Day : My Story of Six ( Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs)

 Liverpool had reached the finals of the Champions league Final in consecutive year. Last year they had lost to Real Madrid to lose the competition being up the runner ups. Last years loss had disappointed me a lot though reaching the final and being one of the favorites of the competition had different satisfaction as well. I had the opportunity to witness the event at Purple Haze rock bar, Thamel along with fellow kopites the final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Purple Haze had come up on with the event on organizing the live screening of the final match this year too. They had distributed passed to the event earlier and I had witnessed the final last year so, was pumped up for this year's event too. The other happening event was being organized at Mokshya Bar and Lounge at Bijulibazar (Opposite to Krishna Towers).

I had to participate in a workshop being conducted at Pokhara and had to miss the events being held at Kathmandu. I had a prior information of screening taking place at gravity Lounge and Bar at Lakeside. With me was a friend who too was a Liverpool Fan so we were excited for attending that event as well. We reached the venue at almost 10:30 PM where a lot of liverpool supporters had gathered already. Though unknown to most of them the atmosphere was so welcoming. And the shirt of Liverpool surely made me realize they were ones like me who was here to cheer for the beloved club. There was some time for the program to start so there was a live band session going on who was playing some fabulous music. The venue was getting packed with more and more Liverpool fans. The bond, the sense of belonging, the closeness though being unknown to each other that was the power that the support to the club bring among the kopites.

Before, the game started we sang the "You Will Never Walk Alone" loud along with the songs made on different players like "Bobby Firmino, Mo Salah, Mane Mane". The Allez Allez was sung out loud as well ultimately leading the start of the game.

The initial goal from Mo Salah from the penalty spot boosted the hopes of wining the game. Though Spurs weren't giving up easily and they could be threat any time and make comeback to the game this fact was lying deep inside. Tottenham gained the possession but they were helpless in front of Alisson who made excellent saves being declared the man of the match. The second goal from Divock  Origi's 83rd minute goal assured the game to be won with the atmosphere going wild with chants. The final whistle  was such a pleasant sound to hear. The whole surrounding went crazy with celebrations and congratulating each other. After the Trophy presentation which was such a astonishing sight, My beloved team had finally lifted a trophy after so many years.

All the fans were on the street by now, The drizzle that had started before had not stopped when the match ended. The soft drizzle was so welcoming and relief to all those excitements. The glow on the face of those fans made me feel even more better, there were even chants on "Liverpool" on the streets as they continued celebrating on the streets as well congratulating each other. This was one of the most memorable nights and that feeling which I wished never came to an end.

Throughout the time, Constant thoughts would run across my mind. What if, We lost the game despite of all those hard efforts? How would we be able to overcome that heartbreak? All those hard work would go in vain and the taunts made on us would be hard to bear. Though deep inside I was assured whatever would be the result life would go on. We would fight back more in efficient way. Something good has started and It was just the beginning it would ultimately bring flying colors. I feel like living a sweet dream and never want to be waken up any sooner.

Thank you.

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