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Time heals every wounds, why i think Luis Saurez needed this transfer.

The much speculated move of the Liverpool FC star has been completed officially as both clubs have confirmed the deal in their official websites wishing a farewell and a welcome respectively. In this post, I will express my views why Luis Saurez move out of Barclay’s Premiere League was a Most.

                The entry of the Ajax star was made with a lot of expectations from Kenny Daglish. As expected the Uruguayan star had made his impressions on his games. The talent he possesses were being explored efficiently and Kenny Daglish had been able to get the most out of him, but still the expectations were all dwelled on him as other players had not been as key player for the club. The faith of the skipper on their asset(Luis Suarez) had shown colors, he had been contributing the main role in crucial games for Liverpool FC.

                The bad guy image he had attained in Ajax biting a player receiving a ban of seven
Luis Saurez with FC Barcelona's No. 9 jersey
matches and controversial career in his youth days came to attention of the British Media
. The expectation – Mersysiders had on Luis Suarez and the popularity and the support from the Reds to their striker was intolerable for the British Media so they started a plot against the Uruguayan star. Luis suarez started getting a lot of coverage on media and most of which were a criticism against his footballing career and his days in Liverpool. The British media felt he was a over rated player lacking discipline, gutsy, egoist and a foul entrance to their Football league.

                What I find about Luis Suarez, is determined to win, competent, deliverer, emotionally and psychologically weak but breath taking with the balls. He is wonderful with the balls as he is a dynamic and versatile player suiting himself in different positions. The goals he has scored, the assists he have made and the inspiration he has made to his team mates that proves it all. There is no doubt he is irreplaceable but through what situation he has been through its better for his career and in the best of Liverpool FC to let him go.

                It might seem unfaithful of him to make a move despite the support and faith of Liverpool Fans on him during his controversial days, his rise as a star in the wonderful season he had the year before. But we also must be aware and think the situation he is standing on his shoes. How much games will he be able to deliver his best with the booing and criticism in his games in England? As we know he is psychologically weak, what if he breaks down again and involves in a act that results in a severe ban , much more than he is currently serving? There is no doubt in dedication, love and loyalty of Luis Suarez to his club but the different circumstances and the development in his career now suggests him to make a move out of Anfield to the Catalans. And the owners and club management might have understood the situation and the analyzed the situation to let the Star to let him go.

                After his performance in the world cup against England, and the ban he is serving right now. He will find it very difficult to make a come back to English Premier League and Now we are into Champions League, we cannot afford ourselves to go in such tough competition with our star out of the squad. Which a team like Barcelona Fc, comprising of stars can compensate his absence with other players.

Thus, I feel the move of Luis Suarez from Liverpool Fc to FCBarcelona is on the best of the Club, player and Fans interest. The pain of departure of loved ones is awful but as you know “Time is the strongest medicine which heals every wound”.

                We all know what Luis Suarez was to Liverppol FC and your absence will always prevail in Anfield. Prove what you worth in the Catalans land we are always with you.You will Never Walk alone Luis a heartfelt farewell and best wishes for your days ahead. 

How was the post Kops?, Please feel free to comment, suggest or present your views in the comment box below . Your comments are appreciated. Thank you :)


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