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X- factor India is a good Tv programme to watch.

X-factor India is the production of sony entertainment television(India). This programme casts in 9pm IST every friday and sataurday. X - factor India is one of the best and happening show in Televisions.

I didn't watch the earlier episodes of audition round and wonder now, why i didn't watch it.. But have been watching it since last 2-3 weeks. X- factor is the search of a new promising talent in Indian musical Industry. I feel , x-factor at present comprises of new and promising talents being mentored by the mentors Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Sanjay Leela Vansali.

Till date excellent performance have been made by all the contestants so far. But those presenting as a bands seems to be doing very very much better. Groups like Deewana, Nirmiti , Last minute and Sajda sisters have been performing well and recieving positive comments from the mentors. Nirmiti and sajda sisters performance hav won my heart till date. What I adore about Nirmiti is their new concept and their way of presenting the songs. They present the songs in different formats with a qualitative voice. This band somewhat reminds me of the popular hip - hop band Black Eyed Peas :).
Similarly, sajda sisters have a qualitative voice as well. Three sisters have been singing the songs fantastically. The range of their voice is so similar that it is very hard to differentiate who is singing at that moment. Which I think is their x factor .

Last week , in the elimination phase sohan was eliminated. He represented sonu nigam's team. The show is still going and soon the person holding the x - factor which the judges are in search of will soon be revealed.

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