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You wake up one day and know facebook no longer exists

Have you ever imagined ??, Someday you wake up and you don’t find the Social Networking site you usually socialize in. All your friends are gone, your contacts are gone, the informations you are receiving through different sites of your interests will be no longer available to you. Have you ever wondered about it?
Facebook Down

Today, Facebook got down for almost 20 minutes. And the consequences were felt by every persons directly or indirectly. Facebook is the most popular social networking site where people love to socialize among themselves. People rarely socialize among themselves the way they used to before. After they find some spare time for themselves, they are found busy in their mobile phones, Laptops or other medium of gadgets which provide them opportunity to access them to internet.

The incident that occurred today describes the impact of social networking sites in our day to day life. The issue of privacy is raised time and again in connection with social networking sites but one can hardly imagine a life without it. Technology and science influence our every activities and we are dependent to it, which proves the popularity of such technology assets. But, we should have some backup for ourselves as well. If it is not that way, I should lead my way or life this way. Nobody can deny the significance of such important gadgets and technology but from our side we can limit ourselves and prepare ourselves for the consequences.

The benefits we are receiving from such social networking medium are uncountable as our life are attached to it. Though the vanishing of social media might be a hypothetical question, but the incident with today’s facebook incident might have created some wake up call for you to reduce your social networking activities. As we all know, we are not able to break our connections with social media totally but it also have made us aware of our social activities in our society. Along with our social networking activities online, we also have to socialize in our real life.

When facebook went down for sometime, twitter witnessed huge amount of traffic, Which also created some awareness to twitter as well. If it has to stand out to carry out the responsibility to suit itself in the place of its rival, will it be able to do so. As facebook went down everybody shifted to its rival platform to express their dissatisfaction, amusement and satire as well.

What if Facebook vanishes one day? Though it might be a hypothetical question for everybody, but we will all have impact of it in our life. So, are you prepared to lessen the impact of Facebook’s disappearance in your life?? 

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