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Earn with a-ads best google adsense alternative to earn from your blog

 If you dream to be a successful blogger we all look to monetize our blog so that we can generate income from showing ads on our blog. With decent generation of traffic to your blog, You will make earning with the increase in traffic as well. Though there are various other factors that play the crucial role in determining the income but usually a successful blog is the one that generates a nice income from it's monetization.

When you own a blog and want to monetize your blog, The best option me as well as every blogger will suggest you to apply for the monetization program of google know as adsense. Google adsense is a popular program among bloggers as well as site owners apart from your income through placing different advertisements in your website. You also can place adsense ads which will generate you a nice income side by side.

If You are not aware of Google adsense program then, Read this article on how you can earn from Google's adsense. Though google adsense is the best in this industry, I am going to introduce you to a site which can be the best alternative to google's adsense if you have failed to monetize your blog with adsense. You can make a nice income from this site as well.


Best Google adsense alternative 

a-ads can be the best google adsense alternative to your blog. If you have not been able to monetize with google's adsense program I suggest you to monetize your blog with a-ads advertisements in your blog. It's all easy to start with a-ads just design your ad format with size, color(theme) or these days adaptable ad format is available which can adapt to your website design. Just create the html code and place it in your website where you want the ad to be displayed. It's easy as that. It's easy to setup and you can place your ads in popular blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress, wix or any other website where you blogging is based. As it all requires a html code to be placed which is supported by most of the blogging platforms.

a-ads is crypto related advertising platform where your earnings will be paid in crypto currency i.e in Bitcoin. A-ADS is a pioneer crypto advertising network. It offers ethical privacy-aware CPA, CPD, CPM ads and accepts over 20 major crypto-currencies. 

How can I get paid?

As I mentioned earlier a-ads is cryptocurrency based network mainly on bitcoin. You will be paid in bitcoins. You will have options to get paid in bitcoin wallet where you will have to meet the minimum withdrawal requirements.

Also you can connect your account to faucet pay micro wallet and withdraw everyday to your faucetpay wallet and withdraw it to other currencies. 

Signup for faucet pay account.


When the bitcoin arrives in your wallet. You can also withdraw your crypto currency to other fiat currencies like USD, Pound or even in your local currency. Convert your crypto currencies to your local currency.

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