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Budhhai Air's two aircraft made an emergency landing , what was the reason.

 Two aircrafts of Buddha Air made an emergency landing at Tribhuvan  International Airport (TIA) today.


The  aircraft 9N-AMD which had departed for Dhangadi had to make an emergency landing after its departure from TIA. The Buddha Air source states that it was a technical problem with the aircraft which led to the emergency landing of the aircraft at 18:00 NST. When the Flight crew noticed the technical glitch in the aircraft they decided to return back to the airport. The aircraft made a safe emergency landing at TIA. It was reported there were 68 passengers on board travelling to Dhangadi. According to the company, the Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadi made an emergency landing in Kathmandu due to hydraulic problem

Buddha Air shifted those passengers to another aircraft and conducted another flight to Dhangadi after some time.

The company has stated that the exact problem of the aircraft will come out after the technical test done by the engineer and the aircraft will be taken into flight only on the basis of the technical report.

According to the airport, Buddha Air's flight U4 255 from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi landed in Kathmandu at 6:30 pm due to technical problem. Considering the risk of possible accident, the airport had deployed security mechanism during the landing of the aircraft.

Similarly, another aircraft made an emergency landing to TIA as well. The flight had departed to Nepalgunj. On its flight to Nepalgunj, one passenger lost consciousness during the flight so the Pilots had to return the flight back to kathmandu .

The flight took off again after the passenger was taken off the flight as reported by a top official of Buddha Air.

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