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New record in IPO application at Sanima Life Insurance

 A new record is set in the application of IPO in Nepalese share market. A record braking 24 lakhs 19 thousand  applications were received for the IPO of  Sanima Life Insurance Company limited.

The IPO of Sanima Life Insurance company is oversubscribed by 6.84 times as the IPO of this company had been open for application from 2oth shrawan to 25th shrawan. At the end of the day the issue manager (Prabhu Capital) stated that 24,19,127 applications were received.


18 lakh 97 thousands people won't receive IPO

With the record breaking application for Sanima Life Insurance as published only 54,00,000 units are issued to the public but application of 3 arab 19 crore 45 lakh and 44 thousand amount of application is received from 24,19,127 applicants.

Out of offered 6,000,000 units; 5% of the issued capital i.e., 300,000 units were allocated for the employees of the company and 5% for mutual funds. The remaining 5,400,000 units were for the general public.

The paid-up capital will reach Rs. 2 Arba after the issuance of the public shares. After the IPO issue, public holding will be 30% and promoters holding will be 70%.


The investment sector has been contracted due to the COVID many business are suffering from the ongoing situation. We all know the Nepal Share Market is in a bullish trend The market value for different sectors have seen significant increase in their value.

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