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Tilicho Diaries Day 1 : Kathmandu to Daneque

 A Trek to Tilicho lake was a dream but when I was approached for the Trek first I was not sure of myself being a part of it but was aware of the fact that if I didn't grab this travelling opportunity I could regret later so, I accepted this proposal from Mahesh who had made plans before as well. Being a first proper trek, I had no idea all about the treks though travelling would be the one thing that I would leave everything behind.


We would travel through motorbike and trek to our destinations. We would be joined by two other friends of Mahesh so in total we would be four persons travelling together in 2 bikes. We gathered and met at Kalimati at 7 am and set our journey. We had our breakfast at Kuringtar and reached Dumre around 11 am. Now, we would be leaving Prithvi Highway and traveling to Besi sahar which was almost 42 Kilometers from Dumre. We reached Besi Sahar around 2:30 PM and had our lunch at one of the restaurant in Besi Sahar. After Lunch and a short rest, we set our journey ahead and we aimed to reach Chame the headquarter of Manang distict. After we crossed Besi Sahar most of the road was offroad with adventure and thrill throughout the way. Google map showed Chame Bazar was a journey of 4 hrs from besi sahar and we would reach there by 7 PM as planned. 

As I told earlier, most of the road was bumpy, stone paved and off road whereas some places were concrete paved. We were hopeful to reach Chame by 7 PM but lost our track while enjoying the beauty and loosing ourselves to the beauty of manang. On the way we experienced a rainfall and strong wind which added more adventure and challenge during the travel. As we kept travelling Chame, which was our destination set earlier seemed unreachable at that moment. As it had started to get dark, when asked to the locals and some personnel from police authority they suggested us not to travel in dark and stay at Daneque which was approaching soon.

We stopped for a fuel at aplace where people around were talking about an accident that had taken place. A truck had fallen to Marshyandi river which was also carrying some passengers along with the goods. We heard that 3 people had died in the accident spot including children Earlier we had seen an ambulance passing and now could make a confirmation that it was going to that accident spot for the victims. On the way we saw the accident spot where many security authorities from police, army and traffic police division were collecting details about the accident and we could also see the truck submerged in the Marshyandi river. We could not wait longer on the spot as we had to reach our destination the road was still a challenging and it had started getting more darker . After travelling 30-40 mins we finally reached Daneque. Now finding a hotel for ourselves seemed challenging. As we could see all the hotels were closed no lighted hotel could be seen. 

After some search, luckily we found a hotel who served us a proper evening meal and a comfortable room to stay. The room we found was very cheap and comfortable. After taking some rest and freshening ourselves we returned to the dining place. The people who owned the place knew the persons who had tragic accident earlier. They were from the same locality. One guy shared us that a mother and her child had died in the accident who used to study with him in school. According to him, the truck was overloaded with 60 tons of cement around 120 sacks.

     News Coverage by Kantipur   ट्रकले उकालो पार गर्न नसक्दा...

We could imagine how badly COVID had struck the tourism market here and how eager they were to welcome more guests. 12 hrs of travel and the hectic offroad experience had created a lot of fatigue. Manang was still very cold compared to kathmandu, dumre and besi sahar. Recalling the day siting around the boiler which was providing warmth while waiting for our evening meal. 

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