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It's better to aim for the stars N reach the Moon rather than aiming for moon and reaching nowhere

Liverpool fans with Liverpool's european glory banner.
photo:- Liverpool FC fan page
Success is always measured in terms of achievement, Liverpool FC had a successful season in 2013/14. Well we didn't get what determines and measures the success but we were very close in achieving it but failed at the last moment. Various factors are responsible for the outcome but I am not outlining or pointing towards our failure. I am going to illustrate some opportunities and hope this season Liverpool FC has generated among us.

With the end of the season ending up with a runner up position, I think we achieved much more than the Barclays Premier League Title. If we had conquered the title, there would be boundless opportunities lying ahead of us. Ending up as a runner up, Liverpool FC will be playing for champions league back again with the generation of huge revenue with sales of tickets and TV rights. What Liverpool FC has achieved this season is incomparable with the goals they had set at the beginning of the season aiming at Top 4, playing the chmpions league. Liverpool FC hasn\t been able to spend a remarkable sum of money on a player but Brendan Rodgers has created an efficient team with the limited budget provided to him. Being a mid table team for many seasons, we could see a lot of frustrations among the players and the fans as well. With this outstanding season Liverpool FC will be entering back to the Old Era of Football where Liverpool will be providing a tough competition among its competitors.

I am very glad of Liverpool's performance this season and hope the coach and the Owners are aware of our drawbacks. If we had a strong defense we could have claimed the title. The path lying ahead of us is not the same as it used to be before. "LIVERPOOL FC" the name is renowned and does not need any justification as a great club. I feel sad to know some fans are Old School liverpool fan, I want it to prove its significance in this new era of football. And the talents of ours are all young, determined and the hunger for success is big.I want Gerrad to retire with a remarkable achievement as a farewell and which is of course the next season's ttitle.

I have been supporting Liverpool Fc for some years and would continue my support.So I would say this season was not a total failure though there was many heartbreaks and seeing Saurez crying for the disappointment in failing to catch up the race was heart touching. we are the club with wonderful players like Saurez and Gerrad who are the EPL's top goal scorer and the player with the most assists respectively.

So I would say it is better to aim the stars and reach the moon then aiming for moon and reaching nowhere.Whatever be the situation Keep calm and support Liverpool FC and many of us have passed this patience test and be ready to enjoy the thrilling season and opportunities next season guys. As we say " YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE".
                                                                                           By:- Prem

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