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Plant a tree on Birthdays, as its the best way to make it a memorable one .

WHAT DO YOU DO ON YOUR BIRTHDAY or the birthdays of your loved and cared ones? You must be thinking what sort of crazy question, I am asking. Obviously your answer would be that you would call some friends for get together and throw party, with endless entertainment.
planting a tree sapling
                Similarly. How would you celebrate your birthday of your loved ones? You would be invited to some crowded party where wine and champagne would flow in streams. And the problem, you would be faced with will be what gift should you be presenting for your birthday friend? You would be in great dilemma and wonder how you could make your friend feel a special one.

                If it’s the question striking on your mind frequently then, I would suggest you to try a different approach. I would suggest you to plant a tree on your friend’s name as a gift. In doing so, an organization named birthday forest can help you. Birthday forest is a service provided by an organization which lets people and different corporate organizations to plant trees on different occasions such as organization’s anniversary, establishment, or in memory of certain milestone being achieved.

                The things you need to do to plant a tree are as follows:
11.)    You need to send a plantation request which can be done through different medium such as web, mobile applications or your mobile phone.
22.)    After you send your request, birthday forest asks you to choose a sapling you want to plant on the occasion confirming your request.
33.)    Birthday forest invites you to participate in planting the tree sapling or plants trees on your behalf on the selected day or occasion.
44.)    Birthday forest places a name tag on the tree and gets a GPS location where the tree has been planted for further identification in later days.

You don’t need to worry about the welfare about the welfare of the tree which was planted on your behalf as birthday forest takes care and monitors the situation of the tree planted notifying you with the latest updates through email and its website.

        People have started praising the concept birthday forest have come to take the initiation for the removal of carbon in the air and maintain ecological balance. It has been promoting greenery and environment sustainability. As we all know the benefits of trees on our surroundings. Though we are aware of its importance we are hesitant to go and plant tree ourselves. For those people possessing such mentality birthday forest has acted as a mediator, helping in maintaining greenery and serving the credit for you.

        Birthday forest has made good impression on social media as it has been promoting its activities on social media such as facebooktwitter and Youtube where you could follow their activities regularly. I came to know of this concept in a fair known as ICT expo 2012 which was being held at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu. Through one of the volunteers of birthday forest who handed me a leaflet of it. First, I was ignorant of it thinking as a regular IT product with different touch but after coming to know of its cause I could not stop being impressed of its concept of maintaining greenery with a technical aid.It also has applied the modern means to reach the targeted groups through its mobile apps as you can download its apps on Android market and download in yours mobile phone

        The gift you present your loved ones is precious when it comes to your choice. The most important thing that matters is the care you show your loved ones through that gift. What, if you plant a tree on the name of your loved ones and let them know how a tree has been planted on her birthday and going to make a difference. The physical goods you present as a gift may fade away, get destroyed or get lost but the tree you have planted as a birthday present gets important as the time passes.

        So, aren’t you going to plant a tree on your loved ones birthday? To get more info about birthday forest Click here.

                                                                              By:- Prem kumar Shrestha

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