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Amir khan - Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, visits birth place of Gautam Buddha in Nepal

Amir Khan appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in south Asia

Amir Khan - Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia 
The Bollywood sensation and superstarAmir khan made a short visit to Nepal. And his visit to Nepal was made possible after he was nominated as the Goodwill ambassador of UNICEF to south Asian regions to fight against Malnutrition. On his two day visit to Nepal, Amir khan participated in a program UNICEF had launched and interacted with local women volunteers who had played effective role in awareness against Malnutrition.

On a program held in Hotel Yak and Yeti, Amir Khan along with Paras Khadka – the captain of Nepali Cricket team inaugurated the “ The Golden Thousand Days” campaign for the end of Malnutrition where Amir is theGoodwill Ambasador for South Asia and Paras Khadka, the Goodwill Ambasador to Nepal
What message the campaign want to convey or make aware of is that “ From the day of birth of child till 1000 days after his birth, the child should be breast fed as it is proved that Mother’s milk is the best nutrition that a child can intake. So, it’s the duty of each and every mother to breast feed her child for first three years.

To spread this message all around the South Asian nations where a lot of people are under malnutrition UNICEF nominated Amir Khan to play his impressive and influence the people residing here. On that ceremony, he expressed his determination to aware and fight against malnutrition to all 8 SAARC nations.

Amir Khan visits Lumbini, Nepal - the birth place of Gautam Buddha

On his special tour to Nepal for a program organized by UNICEF to fight against malnutrition in Nepal and South Asian countries. The program was organized in Kapilvastu district of Nepal – the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha. On his way back to Bhairawa airport in return to capital Kathmandu, Amir khan made a short visit to Lumbini which is enlisted in the UNESCO’s world cultural heritage site. At Lumbini he observed the Mayadevi Mandir and the “Marker stone(a pillar stone to mark the birth place of Gautam Buddha). Similarly, Amir Khan also made a query on the Ashoka Pillar erected in Lumbini by the Famous emperor of India King Ashok.

After his visit he mentioned , “ I was delighted to make a remarkable visit in the peaceful site of Gautam Budhha’s birth place and I feel proud of the opportunity”. On his departure from Lumbini, he was given a statue of Gautam Buddha as a token of love.

Similarly, Amir Khan also made a visit with the honorable Prime Minister of Nepal. Prime Minister – Suhil Koirala thanked Amir for his visit and his cause along with a suggestion to visit Pokhara the beautiful and Tourism city of Nepal. Amir expressed his gratitude and said that he would love to visit this beautiful country with his family in near future.

Amir Khan is the most influencial person in India leading the people to develop their standard of life along with awareness programme and participative approach show "Satyameva Jayete" which will be being telecast on Star plus. Let's see if Amir returns back to Nepal as he as mentioned earlier.

How was the post friends?? How effective will it be for Nepal to promote itself as a well being nation with such visits, Please leave your comments below.

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