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NTC vs Ncell on data comparison, which is best to use??

Overall look of data plans of Ncell and NTC

A lot of people have access to internet facilities these days in Nepal. You can see a lot of people busy surfing internet in their mobile phones, Tablet, Laptop or Desktops. The internet service is made available to the users through different medium like from cable, wireless, USB dongles, ADSL or Broadband services
Of the mentioned services above most of the services quality is low. As I had read somewhere a interesting fact that, more than 60% of internet  users in Nepal surf below the speed of 256kbps. The maximum speed of the ISPs are increasing and you could surf internet in 4 Mbps which is relatively fast speed compared to those of others. In these services you are provided with two plans one is a unlimited data plan where you will have to buy the needed devices or cable wires to connect the joining point to your home. In this plan you will have to pay a fixed amount every month or fixed interval thus enjoying the unlimited usage of data in your laptop, mobile or other devices.

But, in this post I will be analyzing the volume based data service provided by the Mobile Network operators in Nepal. The Mobile company provides you with an easy option to surf internet in your mobile with the help of a sim card. Those who surf internet in unlimited plan have advantage in the data consumptions but the frequent disconnection and slow speed of data flow are the limitations still prevalent in that service.

In Nepal , Ncell and Nepal Telecom(NTC) are the big Mobile operators in the country who shares almost 95% of the mobile users. There is a tough competition between them in attracting new users and Data Plan is the main ground to battle for increasing in users and Revenue.

NTC vs Ncell

NTC vs Ncell - data comparison
Ncell has less products to cNTC(Nepal telecom) . Ncell provides data service with its 3G service and through a data sim from the USB dongle. GPRS/EDGE/WAP is the main service provided by the company to compete in the Data service. On the other hand, NTC has a broad and diverse option of services to its service users. It provide internet services from its Land line service through ADSL service. In mobile data service it facilitates its users with 2G, 3G and CDMA services throughout the country. Along with it, it is also a leading company in wireless broadband internet service with its WiMAX and hotspots services.

Comparison of data plans of NTC and Ncell :

NTC data packages

1.      Data package in sky pro, sky phone and sky data  – > 1 GB = Rs. 385
2.       WiMAX (Wireless broadband internet services)      - > 5 GB = Rs. 650
3.       Prepaid/postpaid (2G, 3G) service (Rs. 0.10/100KB)  - > 1 GB = RS. 1024
All the above prices are VAT excluded.

In, NTC’s data plan WiMAX package looks to be cheaperbecause for enjoying the package,  you have to buy a separate device which ranges from Rs. 2,876 to Rs. 16,911 which is of course is a one time investment depending on the kind of receptor you need based on your location.

P.S The higher your loacation the better reception you get in this device

Ncell Data packages.
The normal rate for using Ncell’s prepaid data package is Rs.6/MB if you are surfing without plans which means -  it's going to cost you Rs. 6,144  for 1 GB exclusive of VAT
Similarly, Ncell provides another package with a plan which is Rs. 699 for 1 GB exclusive of VAT as well , which is comparatively cheap.

So, while comparing the data plans of Ncell and NTC, we can find that NTC provides some cheap data plans with various options in its service but has no any data plansin its prepaid and postpaid services which a lot of people use that service (because of not having any plans users are forced to subscrive the Rs. 0.01/100kb package ) which is very expensive.

Similarly, the data plan of Ncell is also a bit cheap but not in the budget of most of the users but almost all of the users suffer from its data plan as people surf internet from their mobile phones without a plan and it costs you more than 6 thousand for just 1 GB of data i.e Rs. 6/MB

Which Company's data plan do you use?? Share with us your experience, how reasonable are the prices of these services. Please mention it in the comment box below. 

Thank you

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  1. Hello premji, If i use 256kbps wimax, does it give more speed while donloading/watching youtube vidoes and MS site like adso does. I have been using utl for many years, it gives me up 17 kb/s. I need more speed.

  2. @Dipendra Ranamagar If you need more speed then yes you can go for wimax of NTC the uploading and downlading speed is very nice but again I say it all depends on your reception of signal. Thanks