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Coke studio at Mtv

Mtv india recently is hosting a programme named coke studio where many famous singers hav sung their songs and they also have jammed and collaborated with other artists to give a birth to new creation. And thus created song is really fabolous to listen.

Coke studio at Mtv is vry nice programme at Mtv india which gets on aired at Mtv every friday at 7 pm and similarly the show is retelecasted again at 10 pm.. Coke studio at mtv is a place where east meets the west. This show is a platform where an artist has his/her potential demonstration. A unplugged performance is given by each and evry artists. Some experiments with the musical instruments are carried out and the result of it is truly divine.

If you are a true fan of fusion music. I suggest you to watch this show. The fusion of the instruments are simply superb and the soothing music takes you to different world. Western set of musical instruments and the eastern music collaborates for the creation of divine music.

In last weeks , episode of coke studio @ mtv kailash kher was featured also it featured his band kailasha and their performance was very admireable. Kailash kher is known in soofi music a lot. He was able to spread his voice's magic and other his band members played a key role in his performance. Along with him many other artists from different parts of India were featured as well.

Mtv has hosted a extravagant show and created a platform to the well deserved performers who has the quality and evolve as a reputed singer. Mtv has always been a great platform and will never stop in providing such platforms.

Will be waiting for the next episode of coke studio and a new artist at that studio :)

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