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Nepal's historical win against East Timor

Nepal qualified itself for the second round of qualifiers for the world cup of 2014. Nepal achieved this success by defeating East Timor. Nepal played two matches with the system of home and away matches. Nepal had defeated East Timor 2 - 1 in its home ground which was held at Dasarath Stadium as East Timor failed to host the game due to the lack of infrastructure.

yesterday, the second league match was held where Nepal faced Timor for the second time. Nepal played with full enthusiasm as Nepal had an advantage of 1 goal so .For Nepal had to stop East Timor goal less or scoring a goal was enough for them for the qualification of the second round.

Then , finally the game started and Nepal had the support of thousands of its supporters cheering for them. Nepal got penalty at the third minute as one of the Nepalese player was fouled inside the D- box area. Anil Gurung who took the penalty and scored the ball into the nets. Nepal got the lead in 3 ninutes. Now some sort of pressure was created in East Timor's player. Further more goals were added in the score and till the end of the match Nepal had scored 5 goals. East Timor failed in scoring the goals and fight back the match. With the 5 - 0 win over East Timor , Nepal advanced through the second round winning the match with an aggregate of 7 - 1 win. Nepal created history in the world cup qualifiers qualifying themselves for the second round.

Now, Nepal will face jordan in the second round in late july and hope that Nepalese football players will maintain the team spirit , they had maintained with East Timor. All the best to nepalese Team. . . . :)

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