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Earn online Money Viewing Ads with Scarlet Clicks trusted Paid to Click site

Scarlet Clicks is one of the top and trusted PTC sites in the world of ptc sites. It has been online for almost 10 years already. Since 2009, Scarlet Clicks is operating without any major problems. This is paying members on time, every time, and have spotless reputation in PTC industry.


Only this achievements itself would give us enough reasons to place Scarlet Clicks on top places of the way to earn online from your home. But I would argue, Scarlet Clicks is much more than just a trustful PTC site.

It have great earning potential and my personal experience is absolutely positive in almost all possible aspects.

Scarlet Clicks Conclusion

Scarlet Clicks have all good qualities of an elite PTC site including good earning potential, long lasting spotless reputation and professional and responsible team who stands behind it.
It stand for one of the most trusted PTC sites in the world.
For everyone who wants to make money online with PTC sites Scarlet Clicks is must have.


Scarlet Clicks best PTC strategy and rented referrals 2019

As we already have talked about, rented referrals being key to make money on PTC sites and Scarlet Clicks is not an exception.

If you want to earn some serious cash online you will have to invest in this site.
Scarlet Clicks is very good place to make an investment and probably the best program to start with if you are relatively new in earning money business with rented referrals and PTC sites in general.
Scarlet Clicks is recommended to newbies simply because it is the easiest PTC site to manage rented referrals.

Once you have made your first selection and extend good active referrals, this selection will remain active much longer than on any other PTC sites. You will have to recycle very few referrals once you make first selection and separate good and bad referrals
I would recommend to take an average of 6+ as good one. Extending rented referrals for long time will get you good discounts and it will greatly maximize your profit. Even this is general tip for all PTC sites it’s not bad to mention again: stay informed what’s going on around! You don’t want to miss frequent promotions that will give extra value to your potential investment and improve final results. If you are patient and you wait for the right moment (once in few months) you can get yearly upgrade with 20% discount or extend rented referrals with an extra discount.

Ways to Earn More at Scarlet Clicks :

- Scarlet Grid
- Offer walls
  ** PTCwall
  ** Offer4All
  ** MinuteStaff
  ** MediumPath
  ** KiwiWall
  ** Wannads
-Ad packs

Payment Methods:

Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, SolidtrustPay, Litecoin, Dash

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