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Earn free mobile top ups with DENT app worldwide

The Blockchain based DENT app pioneered the concept of a cryptocurrency as a currency for mobile data. Buy DENTs safely direct in the app to exchange them for data and credit packages. Dent support various payment methods, like PayPal and crypto payment (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin).


You also can earn more DENTs with the Offer Wall! You also can get FREE DENTs and topup your phone by playing games, completing surveys or watching videos from the sponsors within the Dent app.

World-Wide Mobile Data Marketplace.
Over 21 Million Mobile Users are already buying mobile data, prepaid topups and voice minutes from DENT Exchange.

Dent Statistics

191 : Mobile Operators
82 : Countries
21 : Million Users

Call world-wide and pay with Crypto!!

Use Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and BNB to get DENTs right on the App
Transfer DENT from your wallet to the Apps easily
Make voice calls, top up prepaid credits and buy mobile data by using one app, that has been top-ranked in many countries. Paypal is also supported wherever it is available

DENT - Send Mobile Data Top-up makes it possible to top-up, or add minutes, to your cell phone from anywhere in a matter of seconds. Easily send minutes to your own phone, or to friends and family with this app.

Simply create an account to start sending minutes. Once you’ve created your profile, you can buy minutes to use later, or top-up your phone immediately. Not only that, but DENT - Send Mobile Data Top-up has a virtual wallet where you can add money, move it to other devices, and top-up any device in a matter of seconds.

You can check which carriers this app can send minutes to by simply going to the app's counties menu, tapping on a country, and taking a look at all the options. You can also win free minutes by installing apps or completing surveys, and add minutes to your device for free, or at a discount.

But one of DENT's - Send Mobile Data Top-up is the best features through which you can send minutes to friends or family by simply selecting their number from your contacts list. It makes it easy to send minutes, and you don’t have to worry about entering the number incorrectly.

So, by getting all this information you may be wondering how can I earn from this dent app??

Dent has carried a participating approach as you will be rewarded for inviting your friends and family to this app. When your friends and family accept your invitation and join this app using your invitation link, successfully downloading, installing and completing the registration process you both will be rewarded with dents.

The total collected Dents can be exchanged with your local currency for the mobile top ups. As you can top up mobile credits to your customers, friends who will pay you in your desired method of payment. Wouldn't that be a reliable method of earning as the amount of your earning would increase with the increase in the persons who accept your invitation and join Dent.

More ways of earning within the app.

Dent app also has provided extra medium of earning within the app itself. As when you open the app you will see the earn tab at the right- bottom of the app. when you click the "earn" tab you will be directed to a page where you will find links to "Invite your friends" after that there is a link of "Get Free Dents here ", Click that link and you will be directed to a offer wall where you can complete different available offers and get rewarded in Dents.

Process of earning unlimited recharge with Dent App

Follow this LINK from your any mobile browser, and this link will redirect you to your respective app store for Android or iOS to download DENT app.

Enter your phone number and wait for the phone verification to happen automatically through SMS code or phone call verification.

Choose to signup through “Facebook”, “Google” or you can signup by entering the details manually. [Though the best option would be to select “Facebook”]
You will receive some  DENT coins as “Signup Bonus” and another 790 DENT Coins as “Referred Bonus”.

You can invite an unlimited number of friends/persons to earn free unlimited DENT Coins.

Tap on the top-right corner's head icon on the app to go to your account, and select “Invite Friends”

Now invite your friends via SMS, e-mail, Whatsapp, Viber or any other messaging platform.

 [Note: The referral links generated from the Dent app are blocked to share on Facebook Messenger due to spam policy]

(For every successful referral, you will receive 790 Dent Coins.)

Now, tap on the number entry field at the top of the app, and enter your phone number along with your country code.
(eg.  If you are from Nepal enter your phone number like “+97798xxxxxxxx”. i.e + country code- 10 digits phone number)

Select your respective carrier to which you are topping up.

And the corresponding amount of Dent Coins will be deducted from your account.

Also Remember: Since the daily volume is very fixed and limited, be sure you catch up the free recharge as early as you can. Else all available online recharge will be “Sold Out” for that day and will be made available the next day.

Dent is genuine project and focuses on revolutionizing the telecommunication industry. Be early part of the project by downloading the app now and using the Dent coins to top-up your phone unlimited.

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