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Facebooks launches the facebook messenger application for iOS and android phones

Facebook - the social giant in social network  has unveiled Facebook Messenger, an Android and iPhone app dedicated to sending messages and texts through the world’s largest social network. The mobile app, which is now available in the Android Marketplace and iOS App Store
 Facebook Messenger is the first mobile application the company has developed and released outside of its official Facebook app. “It’s a mobile app about real-time communication . All messages are sent and received in real time  no refreshing is required  to recieve the messages.

Once users log into Messenger with their Facebook credentials, they’re taken to a screen with all of their recent Facebook chats and messages. Users can jump into any of their past conversations or create a new one. Messages can either be sent via Facebook Messenger or via SMS. Users can also send photos to their friends with this cool app.

One of the key elements of Messenger is its alert system. Users can choose to receive alerts for new messages, or they can turn them off. They can also delay alerts for an hour or until 8:00 a.m. the next day. The alert settings can be tailored for individual message i.e different tones for different messages.

 Facebook admits its official mobile app will eventually have all of Messenger’s functionality, but the company believes that having an app dedicated to quick messaging on the Facebook platform is something that will benefit its millions of mobile users.

Facebook has taken an effective step to catch up with the competition  with its emerging rival google + as it has also got a cool feature called huddles a group texting  feature that google had introduced. Before also facebook had joined hands with skype for facebook video chat.

Facebook's this edition of quicker messaging is just available for iphone and android phones. If its available for other normal smartphone it would be more user friendly.

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