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windows 8 - the next generation OS


Microsoft corporation has introduced its latest OS Windows 8 in the market with the success of windows. Windows 8 is the most anticipated product of microsoft corporation. The following 4 features are the most important features of windows 8 which are as follows :

a. Works on laptops, tablets and desktops. Windows 8 works in tablet, laptops and desktops. Windows 8 is not only designed to work on laptops and desktops but also on tablets as well. To work on tablets windows has been designed to work on touchscreens. Windows 8 has been designed to work on ARM - based processors. Today ARM runs most of the smartphones and tables. ARM proves its suitability to windows 8 because of energy efficiency .

b. Windows 8 works with touchscreens and keyboard as well:
Microsoft has made windows 8 working on touchscreens and keyboards as well that makes windows 8 a versatile OS(Operating system). The boot time has been decreased in windows 8 as it is told that it boots up in eight seconds. People will be amazed with its speed.
c. Windows App store:
The new feature in windows 8 will be its application store same as that of iOS of Apple. The popularity of Apple's application store must have compelled to build its own App store. This feature will surely provide some new business opportunities to developers. It seems like microsoft has prepared itself to provide a tough competition to Apple's app store.
d. Metro and touch are the future of windows:
windows 8 is developed keeping the wide and versatile scope of the touchscreens.

Microsft seems to have waken up and fight back for its lost position in the OS field that it had lost with Apple and Linux. As most of us have known the fact of computing has turned into mobile. Now most of the people will not be working in desktops and laptops , they will be indulged in tablet and other devices.
Apple has ruled the market with its Touch based OS popularly known as iOS and microsoft too wants some share of it and it is fighting back strongly with the introduction of windows 8.

By:- Prem kumar shrestha

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