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Hangover - part II : In my view . . . . :)

Hangover part 2 was one of the awaited movie of mine. Hangover first was vry very much fun to watch. The bachlor party of 4 friends in Las Vegas was simply great and the hangover caused by the drug taken by them was presented excellently.

I had many expectations from the part 2. Bt i felt lyk the story was some what like the same as the first part. The characters were lined up in the same way as the before. The same hangover story, they drink, they dnt remember anything, later find that some one who were with them is missing. Start searching with the clues they find around them. They follow the clues and find their missing person nd the person to solve the query is once again stu. In first part, tiger is introduced to entertain the viewers which is done by the monkey in the second part. They reach at the wedding ceremony at the last hour as in part one.

Though it didnt meet my expectation. Its a complete entertaining movie coz u can't stop laughing a moment. Though there is nothing new in the presentation many humorous situations are created. And bangkok is presented at the best that it could b presented. That is the plus point of the movie.

In overall its a nice movie to watch. U will be entertained throughout the movie. That i can assure you. :)

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