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Kungfu panda - 2 . . . . . . . . . A nice movie 2 watch : a review of mine

Kung fu panda 2 is always fun to watch. since kung fu panda is a sequel for the movie kung fu panda released in 2008.

This film is a complete mixture of humor, action and vry beautiful animation. I had loved kung fu panda very much as the film has a very nice subject which represents the desire of a panda to learn kung fu. At first he is discarded and afterwards shiffu - the kungfu master accepts him as his disciple.

kung fu panda 2 is also as sweet as kung fu panda , here po the main character in this film is in a search of inner peace. He wants to find his origin and who were his mother and father.

The cast of this film are :
jack black - po (voice)
Angelina jolie - tigress (voice)
jackie chan - monkey (voice)
Dustin Hoffman - shiffu (voice)
and the movie is directed by jeniffer yu

kung fu panda 2 is funny charming and action - packed feature . Its based about the search of po for his origin and encountering with a bad guy who was responsible for po's loss of identity. Po is a physically, emotionally insecured. In this condition he gets help from his other animal friends. In this film some of the parts are filled with laughter that will always entertain you.

kung fu panda 2 ends with a surprise ending promising for the next sequel might be kung fu panda 3 :)

so, i will be waiting for it when you watch for it. I am pretty sure you will be waiting it too.

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