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How to remove Facebook virus posting nude video link on your friend's wall

Facebook which is so far the biggest social Networking with more than 800 million users and growing has been  injected by a new worm which consists of partially nude pictures. The new Facebook virus gets posted on your friends wall once you  click on the worm's link. Hopw  you will keep in mind that you will not be aware that such worm or virus has been posted on your friends wall but your friends will think that the virus has been posted by you and a misundersatanding might be created because of that lpost which they think is disgusting and they might also suspect you intentionally  posting on their walls. And again if your friend clicks that link of  the virus the same thing happens with their friends and the chain goes on and on.

If anyone haven’t been affected by the new Facebook porn virus yet, you may want to check out how the virus actually looks like so you can stay away from it. Head yourself below to find out how the virus actually lI advise you to stay away from this worm/virus if you have not been injected already, but in case if you have already been injected and waiting to remove it here’s how to fix it.

Note: The spam of partially nude Video post on your friends wall have actually been discovered using a web browser extension. You may think that how is it possible since I have not installed any extension that will cause this issue.???? What actually happens is when you click on the virus which is in a form of video, it doesn’t actually play any video, instead it asks you to install some sort of extension to unlock the video. If you will click on the link and install that extension that’s when that nude spam will go to your friends wall. If you will only click but deny to install the extension, you’ll still be safe. 
Below are the instructions on how to remove the new Facebook porn virus.
How to remove Facebook virus that posts nude links on your friends wall
As mentioned in the note above that the Facebook spam is due to a third party extension that do this nasty injection. The name of the extension is YouTube Premium“, so all we have to do is to uninstall this extensions. Here’s how to do it:
Safari: Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions – find and select the extension “YouTube Premium”, now tap on uninstall to completely remove the extension.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to Tools -> Addons -> Extensions – find and remove the add-on “YouTube Premium”

Google Chrome: Go to Tools -> Extensions – find and remove the extension “YouTube Premium”
Try a reboot for a clean and safe  PC or Mac
This should have resolved the issue of new Facebook porn virus posting nude video link on your friends wall. Be aware and avoid any suspicious link next time.

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  1. verry verry nice informatiojn thanks for sharrings

  2. verry verry nice informatiojn thanks for sharrings