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some facts you didn't know about apple

Apple Inc. is today the leading company worldwide and here are some interesting facts about it :

Windows Compatiable iPod

Apple did not sell a Windows-compatiable iPod until 8 months after the first iPod was released.


When iTunes first opened it sold more than 70 million songs within the first 18 hours.

Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa was the code name for Apple's first generation of operating system that offered a user interface. It was rumored that this name followed from Steve Jobs' daughter named Lisa.

Apple Spends Less on Research

Microsoft currently spends about $8.7 billion a year on research while Apple only spends $1.7 billion on research every year for new products and enhancements.

Apple Retail Scores $9.8 Billion in Sales

Apple retail stores make $9.8 billion dollars in sales in 2011, which outranks the revenue of Barnes and Noble and Radio Shack.

40 Million iPhones in 2011

Apples sold over 40 million iPhone in 2011 alone, which means Apple sold 110,000 iPhones every single day of the year.

Apple Reaches $65 Billion in Revenue

In 2011, Apple grossed $65 billion dollars in revenue which was three billion more dollars than Microsoft. This put Apple in the lead as officially bigger than Microsoft.

Mac OS X Aqua User Interface

The Mac computers' user interface became very popular with the creation of Mac OS X. This new version of Mac put all the icons at the bottom of the screen which allowed quick access to all programs. Steve Jobs stated, "We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them".

The Name "Macintosh"

The word Macintosh first began as just a code name taken from a form of the name McIntosh, which was actually an apple fruit company. Jeff Raskin was the employee who coined the code name, although it was rumored Steve Jobs wanted to change the name to Bicycle.


Steve Jobs created the company called Pixar that was later bought out by Disney. The newly acquired company was used to create some of Disney's top movies of all time includingToy Story. After this acquisition Steve Jobs became the number one shareholder of Disney.

Apple's First Logo

Apple's very first logo was Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree just before the realization that something called 'gravity' is what caused the apple to fall on his head. This logo was drawn and designed by Ronald Wayne.

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