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Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese a Happy Vijaya Dashami on their official facebook page

Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese a Happy vijaya Dashami on their Official facebook page

Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese supporters on Bijaya Dashami on their facebook page
We all are bound to a religion some exceptions aside, our work, principles, inspirations, service are based on our religion. Festivals are part of the religion which has great cultural, religious values which bounds our family, relatives together.

               Different religions celebrate different festivals based on the promotion of traditionally practiced ways of celebrations along with  regular modifications in regard to the demand and place and what the situation demands. Christians celebrate celebrate Christmas as their main festival, Muslims celebrate Eid and for Hindus – their main festival is Dashain(Dashera) and Deepawali.

Liverpool Fc surprised Nepalese Liverpool supporters wishing them a prosperous and Happy Dashami 2071 the date format which the Nepalese Government follows. The wish was published on Liverpool FC’s official Facebookpage with customization viewable for only Nepalese facebook users. The message from Liverpool FC  read “ On behalf of Liverpool Football Club, We would like to wish our Hindu Supporters on the auspicious occasion of Bijaya Dashami 2071 a Happy and Prosperous Bijay Dashami. YNWA” which in Nepali is
" लिभरपूल फुटबल क्लबका तर्फ बाट हाम्रा समस्त हिन्दु समर्थकका समक्षमा विजया दशमी २०७१ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ! युल् नेभर वाक अलोन !

On the photo shopped picture which is a complete picture to represent the Dashain Festival shows a Liver bird with LFC written beneath it. On the background there is a football ground where football is being played and there are some childrens flying kites which is one of the most inseperable  part of Dashain where children as well as Adults enjoy flying kite. Even on the kite the words YNWA are inscribed to justify the phrase You will Never Walk Alone (YNWA). There is a ping(A typical nepali word for swing) where people entertain themselves forgetting their troubles, worries, problems and there is a religious belief that one most leave the ground once in a year. The most importance of this festival is the worshipping of Goddess Durga which you can see in the picture as well whose eyes are watching you and whoever in need. Dashain marks the custom of celebration of Victory of Evil over good job.

Liverpool FC wished us – the Nepalese Liverpool Supporters, Its not the main thing. What matters is how they value their supporters? We Nepalese LFC supporters might be a minority compared to those other Nations but what I found touching watch the attitude of the Club. If Liverpool FC had wished Nepalese supporters along with Hindu supporters in English Language and if no customization was made on Privacy and let it published world wide it would have been a great exposure to us.

Thanks again to Liverpool FC for not letting us walk alone , and Remember through what phase we are going right now we will also never let you walk alone. J

What are your thoughts on LFC wishing on our main occasion(festival) , Please leave your comments below. Thank you.


A kop from Nepal

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