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Liverpool versus Realmadrid Final screening 2017/18

UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC

Nepalese Kopites held live screening program of the Final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool in different places inside and outside the Kathmandu valley. One of the successful event which was held in Purple Haze Rock Bar, which is located in the heart of Kathmandu.

Summary of the event: Liverpool Vs Real Madrid              

Purple haze geared up with the supporters of Liverpool and Real madrid. It was one of the event Nepalese Reds have been desperately waiting for. The Official Liverpool Supporters of Nepal which has been recognized by Liverpool Football Club had organized the Live screening for the  fellow Reds to cheer and enjoy the historic moment together.

The program was successfully held where The reds sang different chants related to Liverpool like Allez, Allez, Allez; Mo salah, Bobby Firmino and You will Never walk Alone so on. Though the result didn’t come to Liverpool’s favour they kept themselves, cool and composed throughout the event.


 What did we loose?

Liverpool had reached to the final of Champions League after a decade. The win on the final could have marked the return back of glorious days we had. The lack of remarkable mark we have not been able to set up would get the beginning. Securing UEFA champions League would attract more top level players. In overall the long lost glory would have been re-established.

Don’t make your heart small

Real madrid were the tournaments favorite to win the tournament as they had done it for 2 seasons and on the way for their 3rd consecutive  win. That didn’t mean we weren’t the title contender but we had lost key player to injury and some players were recovering from injury. All hopes faded with the injury of Mohamed Salah. Though the boys put up some fight Goal keeping error from Loris Karius helped Real secure the champions league.

                             Liverpool lost the game, what matters is how Liverpool had reached to the final? Liverpool played the qualifiers to qualify themselves to the champions league spot. They were not even favorites to reach the top 4 spot. In contrast Liverpool were the underdogs who reached the champions league final and had opportunity to reinstate their glorious days. Klopp has build a strong team with youngsters. This is not the end, but the beginning of recognition of Who Liverpool are and what history they carried.

Hope prevails

Liverpool reaching to the champions league final was an achievement in itself, This has sowed new hope in the Fan’s heart. As our anthem states, “at the end of the storm there is a golden sky” The transitional phase of the club will surely come to an end.

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