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My Liverpool story

My Liverpool Story : Anfield - the place I want to be once in a lifetime

Liverpool is one of the successful team in the English Premier League of England established in 1892. Liverpool FC has based themselves in Anfield whose capacity is 54,074 persons. 

You can hardly find a person who doesn't like football? In Nepal Football (soccer) is a popular game. You can find this game loved by most of the persons regardless of the gender and age they belong to. Football is popular among the youths over here and follow different football leagues around the world.

My love for Football.

There had been craze for football since I was in my childhood days. I used to watch my elders bothers play and with time I started to play with them as well. When we were at school, After getting back to home we would rush to the nearest playground (Chaur) where all friends would have gathered to play football. Same were the days when we had holidays. The first and foremost thing that we would do was gather up form teams and play football.

There was times when gathering information about football was a big challenge. The national daily's wouldn't cover up the news about international football particularly the Popular leagues of Europe mainly English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and so on. I have fond memories of listening to Radio for getting those information. "Radio Sagarmatha"- a community Radio Station which was broadcasted  in Kathmandu Valley had an daily update on Sports every morning after 9 am. I used to listen and update about football news and go to school. Other print media would make a late coverage of those news and it didn't get priority in the sports section as well.

My Liverpool Story

As I had mentioned earlier though we played football in school days we did not have proper information about it. There were selective friends with whom we could discuss about football. Gaining information about a particular club or league being a challenge itself there would be debate on the popularity and success of the club they followed. English Premier league being popular among friends, Arsenal and Chelsea were the teams  enjoying success during 2004/05. Few friends were supporters  of Manchester United back then as no doubt they were successful with great history. But their arrogant behavior and support made me dislike the club. Apparently, I started following Liverpool not only because of its history back then as it was successful club.   

With time I  started following Liverpool club. One of my  friend has a big role in helping me fall in love with liverpool  football club. I met him on some instant messaging app. we had common interest in music. He was a great fan of  "Linkin Park" as I was. Liverpool was another common interest that we had in. With time we got connected with Facebook, I followed his Facebook posts about liverpool which made me fall more and more for Liverpool. His information on football and particularly Liverpool made me envy him more. He has such admiration for Lucas Levia who is his idol. His admiration for Fernando Torres, who transferred to Chelsea Football club was at another level. 

When I started supporting Liverpool I have seen the bad days when the club was in financial crisis to the thrilling run of 2013-14 English Premier League where Liverpool rose from some mid table team to nearly wining the League and regaining the European glory it had lost. Brendan Rodgers had certainly revived the path where Liverpool had to be. Appointment of Jurgen Klopp Was a dream of every Liverpool fan which came true.

More reasons to love liverpool ..

          Liverpool has the best fan base all around the world. Same is here in Nepal also. Liverpool FC has recognized the support for it providing the Official status to Nepalese Liverpool supporters who are proud to be "The Himalayan Kopites".

There are many Liverpool Supporter groups in social media like Liverpool FC Nepal, Liverpool Fans Nepal, We Are Die Hard Reds created in Facebook - who interact among themselves about different topics about the development of Team, Transfer rumors, Squad selection, Previews and Reviews of Matches of Liverpool. Many programs are organized to develop solidarity, friendship and bond among the Liverpool Supporters of Nepal.

The Liverpool Anthem "You will Never Walk Alone" whoever gets the true meaning of it will surely fall for Liverpool club

It's a dream of Every Liverpool Fans to be at Anfield the home ground and experience how lively the atmosphere there can be as Anfield is one of the place where opponent teams and managers fear to be. The unbeaten run since February till date proves it all.

Some Memorable moments with Liverpool FC

- Fernando Torres's transfer to Chelsea Football Club.

- 2013/14 success in EPL, success enjoyed by the players as Luis Suarez being the top scorer, Sturridge coming second along with the success of Coutinho, Sterling as well.

- Appoitntment of Jurgen Klopp as Manager

- Loss to Sevilla in Europa League final of 2016

- Champions League Final screening at the Purple Haze Rock Bar, Thamel was amazing though the loss to Real madrid was disappointing.

- The transfer saga of Luis Suarez and Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona

Liverpool Players I adore:

Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Daniel Agger, Sami Hypia, John Arne Riise, Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard

My Liverpool Idol:

With respect to time this person made me love liverpool the most. Steven Gerrard has been my idol. His loyalty to liverpool is no doubt the reason why he was the fan favorite in Liverpool. He was a born scouser and gave his football career to Liverpool who enjoyed success with the club. 

Please feel free to post feedback and comment about this post in the comment section below friends whatever you feel to tell. Also you can share your stories too. I would be glad to read it.

Thank you.

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