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Nepal tops the FIFA rankings in south asia ..

Nepal has jumped two steps up to reach to 134th position in FIFA World Ranking for the month of September. Nepal has collected 193 points to stay at 134th position. Nepal has topped for the second time in the south -Asian regions. Bangladesh also improved one position up to 138, India has dropped four steps down to 162. Similarly, Maldives have dropped three steps down to 165, Pakistan has retained their in 170th position. Sri Lanka lies in 176th position, Afghanistan in 183rd and Bhutan in 200th position.

Spain topped the tally of the world rankings of football with 1605 points while Netherlands are in second and Germany in third position.

similarly, in the womens football ranking also nepal lies ahead of some asian countries in FIFA rankings.FIFA Ranking: Nepal Womens Team Drops
two Position Down in Rankings. Nepal National Womens Team dropped two position down to 113 in FIFA World Ranking released by FIFA on Friday. Nepal womens Team collected 1080 points. India tops the tally among South Asian region staying at 54th position. Other South Asian Countries: Bangladesh: 119
Sri Lanka: 120
Pakistan: 125
Bhutan and Afghanistan are in provisional ranking.

Nepalese football have attained some heights and made quite impressive progress in FIFA rankings. It is not that hard to reach some height , its difficult to mantain that height. Hope the concerned authorities are serious enough in increasing the quality of Nepalese football.

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  1. Nepali football has started rocking . . . . . .Nepali football has started rocking . . . . . .