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I own a football team in Barclyas premier league and so can you frens :)

šµþєЯηovα šµþεŘкīηğš

If you were selected as a manager of a football team, would you be prepared to handle the responsibility given to you???? If you are a great fan of Barclays premier league(English premier league) then you have an opportunity to create and name your own team with the limited virtual fund of £100 m and select the players playing in Barclays premier league clubs.

Each player is priced according to the popularity and the performance each players have made in the league. You have to select a team squad of 15 members with the limited fund of £100 m. You can select any players from the list of players from any club playing in the Barclays premier league and consideration should be made that you have limited fun and complete the squad of 15 playes. The limitation is made so that not every person can buy popular players. So your team should compromise the players of both high and low priced players and you being able to manage it and what i think reflects your true managing skills.
For rules and regulations of the game visit here:

Fantasy premiere league has provided an opportunity to create and manage your team in efficient and enjoy every games of Barclays Premiere League with excitment and thrill. The team which gets the highest points get an opportunity to enjoy important games in the stadium LIVE with accomodation and Lodging facilities and £250 m for spending.

If you have keen interest in football specially English Premier League and think that you can stand out among the 2.5 million registered users then Fantasy premiere League welcomes you.

My team profile and details : šµþєЯηovα šµþεŘкīηğš

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