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say no to Rape

“Can I talk to Dr. Niti?” A  male voice talks on the end of the other line of the telephone. A  Nurse who was answering the phone replies back “Who’s it speaking? Please leave me your message so that I could deliver it to Dr. Niti”.

“Actually, I would like to abort our child, who is daughter. So I would like to talk about it with Dr.Niti” The person on the other end states his reason to call.

Hearing this, the nurse gets furious on the person who was calling to her. “How could you be so inhuman and murder a child in the womb of a mother? What have daughters have failed to do these days? You want abortion just because she is a daughter?”

Listening to all these with a sight the man replies back “No madam, I don’t feel like I will be able to keep my daughter safe in this society where a girl gets raped like in alternate days”.

Above lines were extracted from a 2-3 minutes video which was viral on social media sometimes back. With such short duration of time the video carried such deep message that touched me. With this, the thought arose in my mind as well, “Where is our society heading?” The news of some innocent girl being raped has been common news these days .With every news; I wonder how sick mentality has grown in our society in recent times.

“Why such incidents are happening so frequently these days”? I question myself. What wrong had that 8 months child done to that culprit who raped and murdered her? Why is the culprit of Nirmala Pant rape case not behind the bars? Why women cannot walk on the street without fear? All questions seemed unanswered. With modernization women have set themselves ahead in all sectors. They are competitive enough to compete with everybody. With education and empowerment they have moved far ahead in every aspect of life.

There are debates on girls provoking boys in leading such incidents but as I mentioned earlier what could 8 month baby do to get raped. This sort of offence is committed by those persons who are mentally retarded. He/who is in his senses are aware of the things they are doing, the consequences it could lead them because of their misconduct. What other factors might be responsible? Law of our country is not harsh on such offence. The imprisonment of culprit for certain years is not harsh enough for their crime so the demand for capital punishment for the offender comes in debate time and again.

I have a dog at my house. I keep fresh meat in front of it. Until and Unless I tell it to eat, It doesn’t eat the meat. Though it’s an animal it has disciplined itself and learned to control its hunger. We are human beings superior of all the kind. Better learn to behave ourselves. Please don’t generalize men in this case not all men are Rapists.


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