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we are the master of creator of our happiness and sorrow

We often get hurt when some other people express their opinion about you.It is a human nature to get hurt. But why do we prioritize their feelings towards us so much? You are sole controller of yourself. Your self evaluation of yourself matters a lot. Why do we pay attention to others comments just to hurt ourselves. 

Here, is a story of a dog which explains why we are the creators of the happiness or sorrow within the situations we face.


Once a dog ran into a museum- where all the walls, the ceiling, the doors and even the floors were made of mirror, seeing this the dog froze in surprise in the middle of the hall, a whole pack of dogs surrounded it from all sides, from above and below.

Just in case, the dog bared his teeth and all the reflections responded to it in the same way. Frightened, the dog barked frantically the reflections imitated the bark and increased it many times.
The dog barked even harder and the echo was keeping up. The dog tossed from one side to another, biting the air his reflections also tossed around snapping their teeth.

Next morning, the museum security guards found the miserable dog, lifeless and surrounded by a million reflections of lifeless dogs. There was nobody, who had harmed the dog. The dog died by fighting with his own reflections.

In the same way, The world doesn’t bring good or evil on its own. Everything that is happening inside us is the reflection of our own thoughts. There is nothing outside of you that can upset you, stress you or disturb your peace in any way, unless YOU let it. Do not get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction.

Everything outside is a stimulus - past experiences, present situations. Irrespective of the stimulus, the response is our creation. People don't insult us, they give their opinion. We take their words and make them our identity and then use that identity to create hurt. Every time we say our feelings are because of situations or people, we are giving them the key of our state of mind. Our feelings are our choice.

Discipline people and get work done but without fluctuating your state of mind, which means work needs to be done but our happiness is not dependent on it. You can consciously choose to remain stable in response to people's behaviors. No one else can make us 'high' or 'low' it is you.

We are our own masters, the creators or destroyers of our own happiness. 

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