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Some interesting facts about kissing you have not heard before

While coming across through a study, i found some interesting facts about kissing . How passionate kisser are u????? I have presented some interesting facts about kissing hope you like it :)


♥♥ The average person spends his whole life to kiss 2 weeks. How about YOU. . . .????? :)

♥♥ Eskimos, Polynesians do not kiss each other in the mouth. They just rub their noses. Try it, you will enjoy it.

♥♥ During a kiss from one person toanother is transmitted 278 different bacterial cultures. Fortunately, 95 percent of them are not dangerous. Be thankful to god .

♥♥ According to estimates of the journal Scientists American, the most kisses happen on Valentine's Day, with 65 percent of kissing their head tilted to the right.

♥♥ Kiss of sufficient duration is much better than chewing gum, it normalizes the acidity in the mouth. Kissing after every meal, you can greatly reduce the risk of caries.

♥♥ The passionate kiss causes in the brain the same chemical reaction that you experience while parachuting and shooting a pistol.
So why not to Make love than war.. .????
Similarly, More interesting facts about kissing :
♥♥ A persons lips is hundreds of times more sensitive than the fingertips.

♥♥ In Japan, it is considered very impolite to kiss in front of witnesses. That's the reason why you almost never see a kissing scene in a Japanese movie.

♥♥ Every tenth young man starts to kiss before not reaching the age of 10. By the age of fourteen years , 50 percent of the people of both sexes know what is the "kissing passionately."

♥♥ Factors that kills women desire to kiss : in the first place - bad breath, in second place - the smell of sweat, on the third - a short chin at the man.

♥♥ The average woman kisses a 7.9 men, before entering into marriage.

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