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Some interesting facts about tom and jerry


Some interesting facts about tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry is the one of the best cartoon created ever in the field of cartoon and animation field. I am also one of the craziest fan of this tv cartoon since I knew it.

Every time I watch it i enjoy the shows. I can go with the same episode on and on. I adore the comic sense and humors presented between the two rivals cat and a mouse. Children,youths and old age people all age group people enjoy it. Thats why i think it gained its popularity and fame.

Below are some interesting facts about Tom and Jerry :
♥♥ Tom and Jerry were created by animation duo Hanna-Barbera .

♥♥ Hanna and Barbera wrote and directed one hundred and fourteen Tom and Jerry shorts between 1940 and 1957

♥♥ Tom and Jerry has won seven Academy Awards .
Ω♥• Quotes •♥Ω
Good Friendz are Like Tom and Jerry.. Sometimes Small Fights and Craps Keeps Them Apart, But They Always Come Back Together To Run A Long Episode.

♥♥ Tom and Jerry almost never speak in the classic episodes but are voiced in Tom and Jerry Tales, which debuted in 2005

♥♥ DID YOU KNOW THAT TOM and JERRY were first created for an advertisement where Jerry hides from Tom in the car, and the narrator tells the viewers that their new car is the safest place to hide for .

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What happens when a lion roars thrice? - - - - - Think - - - - - Any guess? - - - - - Ok, I will tell you.. - - - - - Tom Jerry cartoon begins!

♥♥ In 2000 it was named one of the greatest television shows of all time by Time magazine. The popular series features on-going comedic fights, usually centering around Tom ’s numerous attempts to capture Jerry and the chaos and destruction that would invariably result

♥♥ Traditionally, music plays a very important part in Tom and Jerry shorts–since Tom and Jerry almost never speak–effectively emphasizing the action, adding emotion to the scenes, and filling in for traditional sound effects. Most of the dialogue from Tom and Jerry are high-pitched laughs and gaspingscreams, which are thoughtfully provided via a horn or other musical instrument.

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Girlzzz nd boyzzz are like TOM JERRY... Neither cn they live wd each other nor wdout each other...!!!

Hope you liked my collection, thx for your visit friends :)

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